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Another Hello From France !


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Hi everyone,


I'm Sao., commonly known as Elcie on a famous **** website (not that anybody actually knows me, but who knows, maybe someday I'll be a translation star and people will recognize me from a website to another). I'm French and I enjoy translating a lot since it allows me to brag about being almot bilingual when I spend time with my friends (this happens more and more rarely though, ever since I discovered Addict7ed I spend a lot more time on my computer ^_^ ) .


More seriously, I love movies and series, I love english, and I love french okay too, so I'm having good times translating things. Plus, I like the idea of helping some poor desperate fans of some unknown tv shows that are craving for their dose of fiction and can't have it because nobody has created subs yet. I think I understood quickly how Addic7ed works, since I've translated a few episodes so far. (I think I am the Chosen One of subs making.)  The point is, if you ever see me making something wrong during a translation, please yell at me! I'd like my work to be perfect. French subs from addic7ed often contain mistakes and I'd like to make this change, even a little bit.


Hope I'll see you around !



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