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Make a feature suggestion official thread


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As the title says.
Stick to website features. Check if the feature is not already there.

Changing the world. One subtitle at a time.

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reverse order
hi just a little idea, but is it possible to reverse the pulldown menu order ?
you know, to move the latest season/subtitle to the top ?

kind regards from germany

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There should be an option to view only english subs, or specified languages

If you're logged in, you can, but only for individual episodes.

And that leads on to my suggestion, making it possible to filter languages in multi-download of subtitles. Would save my brain and eyes some time!
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Will see. Will try.




The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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I converted idx/sub subtitles to srt's from a season of a series from a source that isn't on Addic7ed yet. I would be willing to share these I just don't like having to go through the upload procedure 22 times. :blink:

It would be much more convenient to upload them in one archive. After all... most likely people will download them again as a whole season. I can't find an option to do this or am I missing something? If it indeed isn't possible yet you know what my suggestion is.

Another point. There's a checkbox to filter for HI subs only. Please add one for Non-HI subs only. Such preferences, with language filter preference, could be stored in a cookie. It would make it a lot easier to navigate the site. And a last-episode-first sort order would indeed save a lot of scrolling. Or perhaps a button at the top of the page with an anchor-link at/to the bottom of the page so you can go there with just one extra click? Or just show the last three episodes with a 'Show all episodes' button? Saves on data use too.

Happy holidays. Ho, ho, ho...t7704.gif

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You know the 'feeling lucky' button on Google? I think that would a GREAT addition to Addic7d. When I use the search function I almost _always_ click on the "Are you looking for {show name}?" link.


So next to the "search" button would be another button ("I'm feeling lucky" is how Google calls it). When you submit this button it automatically redirects to the first hit on the page (the "Are you looking for {show name}?" link). If this link is not found it just redirects you to the normal search page.



- Easy/Quick to code/implement

- Saves users time

- Less page requests = cheaper hosting bill



- Takes time to develop

- Some people won't understand it

- Less page requests = fewer ad views

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I totally agree about the API or any other way to download the subtitles i need.

Addicted is the last site where NO possibilities exist for the developpers.

+1 so

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I would love to see permanent filter option for 'No Hearing Impaired (HI)' and '720/1080 (HD)' just like language setting, it's only couple minutes of work ;)

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I would really love if you could offer an API for developpers.


Your site is the best one for having subtitles in a really fast way, and it's really too bad that you don't have one, the automatisation is the future !


I download my stuff with ShowRSS, if i could download my subtitles in the same way it would be amazing, and just imagine that with the plex app !



-- Sorry for my bad english (that's why i'm here ! ;) )

Seconded! I would literally kill for the ability to add addic7ed to plex....

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Thirded. I literally joined this forum to find out if there was any API, auto-download or the ability to hide Hearing Impaired subtitles.


If there was an API, I could make a simple autodownloader.

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I thought about two improvements regarding the translation functions of the site.

1) Have a permanent column dedicated to comments for each sequence.

2) An "insert new sequence" button to create a blank line for missing text.


my first suggestion would be to  add a column on the right-hand side of the table. In both "Join translation" and "View & Edit" interfaces.

So far we have the following columns : Sequence, Version, State, Author, Times, Original or secondary language, Translation text.

This new column would be labelled "Comments", and would allow a user to write a comment about each sequence.

Sometimes, translators need to explain their choice of words, or tell why a previous user did a mistake when translating.

Moderators could also write reminders about specific rules that applies to the current episode/series, in the first line comment. Or a link to a forum topic about that series. There is a comment area at the bottom of the "Join translation" interface, but I find it too limited, and the worst thing is that once the translation is completed (which can happen very quickly), all the conversations are lost. This comments column should be visible before and after the translated is completed.

I believe this new column would be useful to improve the quality of the translations.


My other suggestion is also a change in the table management.

I would like to be able to insert a new line into the table where ever I need. Sometimes the original (mostly english) version of the subtitles lacks sequences for some text appearing on screen (like newspaper titles, hand written notes, and so on). And sometimes, for synchronization purposes, it is better to have two sequences instead of one. Of course  we would have to enter the correct timing of that new sequence, but I think only experienced users would need such a feature.

I realise this is rather difficult, technically speaking, because it would involve a renumbering of all the following sequences, but if it is not too hard to do, that would be great.


[Edit] Another column showing the time & date of the creation of each entry would be nice too. So that when we sort the table by date, we would rapidly see which were the latest modifications to the translation file.


Thank you!

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In the "View and Edit" function, when we're checking subtitles translations, would it be possible to have a user option allowing us to set a default language in the Secondary language drop down list ? It is by default equal to "none", but I wish it could be English, by preference, since it gets reset every time the page is refreshed.

Thank you.

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