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Daily Download count exceeded. Please contribute


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I discovered a new tv show and downloaded a bunch of subs, so when it came to the shows of the day I got this message.
Fair enough, I think it's a good thing to contribute in substance more than in thanking words.
I picked up my credit card and made my part.

Problem is: how much does it take before a contribution is recognized and I can download again?
Or do I have to wait until tomorrow anyway?

Thanks for your great work, btw

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Enjoy today's shows :) You have been promoted to VIP. Thanks for your contribution. The thing is you need to keep in mind time zones. We might be sleeping at the time you donate so it will take a while till we wake up, register the donation and do the necessary changes :)



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You should have emailed me the details (alex28[at]addic7ed[dot]com).
Since honeybunny already did it, no need for that.


--moved thread--

Changing the world. One subtitle at a time.

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I'm so sorry, I thought there was some kind of asp code for that, I did not imagine it had to be processed manually.

And what an honour! being a vip member.

I definitely worship you, thanks for everything :)

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