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Son of Cod

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Hi, how are you all doing?


I've joined this place, as I'm always on the hunt for Korean subtitles for English speaking programmes and films and vice versa (English subs for Korean TV and films).


However, after briefly scanning the list of subforums it seems like this place is mainly for people who are creating/amending subtitles. Is that correct, or do people also use this forum to help them find subtitles?


I didn't want to start making countless threads asking if anyone knew where I could find subs for specific programmes/films. What's the protocol for doing this, if there is indeed one?


Also, do we have any Korean subtitle experts in the house?


I noticed the addic7ed.com address was on a lot of the opening/end credits of the subtitle files I use, hence me signing up.



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Son of Cod


Hi, welcome here!


The Addic7ed Team mostly releases subs for English speaking series. On the other hand, users are allowed to upload any kind of subtitles in any language (for series or movies) on our platform (Addic7ed.com), but unfortunately, you will seldom find English subs for Korean TV and films. There are many other platforms for Asian series/films subs.


That said, you can always make a request in this section, maybe someone will help you find those subs.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the response, taytoy. Most appreciated!


You're right though, there are other forums and **** sites that have a lot of English subs for Korean TV and films.


I'll add a request for something in the section you provided. Many thanks.

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