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Adventure Time With Finn And Jake S05


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posted this probably on the wrong area of the forum:


If yes, thanks Admin for deleting either one of them.



I just ripped/or under rippment, of the S3, 4, 5 and 6 (only 3 ep.),
but cannot upload any episodes from the DVDRip DEiMOS releases, cause
its selected "for team members uploads only".

I understand the need or restricted, if team members would like to reserve some series for only themselve to upload.


What don't understand, for exemple, in S5 there are 49 episodes.
In this 49 episodes, there are 4 episodes already uploaded, and the last
uploaded was over 500 days ago.


My question is: if you reserve the upload to team members only,
you'll have (I meam the members) to upload the subtitles also. If you
can't, open the upload to everyone.

Or maybe there is an other reason for this Team-members only upload solution.


Thanks for helping me understand


Yours trully,


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