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Well i used to keep track of things i changed to the website. This page is now back ( well the old one can be found with google cache i assume ).


* Added an option for uploaders to edit the "Friends" selection for a subtitle. ( yeah Alexia, huge delay on this one )
* Added a Hearing Impared option for uploaders. The HI icon will appear as the Corrected one in the subtitle page.
* Fixed some bugs with Edit Proprieties and Upload New Subtitle pages.


* In the last few days, improved some features and fixed some bugs ( and security problems - mostly thanks to veb! )
* Fix the bug when uploading movies. Posting in HotSpot was working only for episodes ( report bugs please )
* Browse by Shows page now has an index. You can click 0-9 A-Z to browse faster.
* More things i can`t remember so they were probably important.

To Do:

Get some sleep.

Changing the world. One subtitle at a time.

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Hmm, when putting the movies in Hotspot, the icon in front of them is the same as for episodes. Actually I edited 2012: SUpernova to non hot spot just to check if it was smth wrong with it. Now it has the movie icon, but it's not in the hot spot.



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