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Presentation and search for translation work


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Hi everybody !

My name is Timothy, I'm 21 years old and I live in France, near Paris. 

I do English classes at the university and my plan is to work as a movie dialogue translator for dubbing or subtitling into French for the future.

So I train myself in translating some movies for "amateur" dubbings with my friends, and I decided to join the addic7ed community to work with other people to exchange and to help you (and myself in the same time !) for translating series episodes and maybe other material. I can translate from English into French mostly.

I wanted to know how to begin to work with the members on the translations and where to go to have this activity. It will help me improve my English, I'm sure of it ! ;-)

Thank you for your answers,

Have a good day and I hope to speak with you soon ! :-) 


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Hi kinglouisxx ! 


Thank you very much for these infos and your rapid answer !

Hope to speak with you quickly ! :-)

Cheers !

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