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Hi everyone ! Another Frenchie !


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It's been quite a while since I've been using addic7ed, and even longer since I was active on a forum !
So, hey, why not !

I'm manu, I'm French, I come from Poitiers, and I'll soon be moving to Reading for my PhD !
I'm quite a binge watcher, as I have watched many tv shows. From Star Trek ToS to Scrubs,
all the netflix marvel tv shows (and most of the netflix catalogue), and for better or worse,
I learned most of my English with them !

I have helped on 3 or 4 episodes of Rick and Morty, and recently I have started to
transcribe, sync and translate Spiderman : The Animated Series,
as it is one of the tv shows I loved most when I was a kid, and I was so sad to see that no one
had done it yet ! So instead of requesting it, I figured "Hey, why not try to do it ?"
And actually I found myself loving creating subtitles !

Cheers everyone ! =)

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@kingslouisxx, je fais plutôt partie des abonnés à leur concurrent en face xP

@BorisVictor, Yup, can't escape us ! But still, I try to create english subs to compensate ! =P

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Bé le bunjhor ami poetevin ! O fét pa bea de l'eure ! (Mon vocabulaire se limite un peu à ça à part quelques mots...)

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