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Move subtitle up and down in Subtitle Edit


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Hello. In Subtitle Edit, how can I change the subtitle preview position on video to be up a little bit? Because I use a big font for "subtitle preview font size" and when I do that, if a line is more than one line, the second line will be invisible. Is there a shortcut key to move it up and down. Please help me because this is driving me crazy.

Here is an image that will show the issue:


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Yes, it's probably the screen. That's why I wanted to ask if there is a shortcut for moving it up.

And also I should mention that I use a new laptop with what is called high DPI. This makes me use a scaling of 125%. And if I opened Subtitle Edit this way it becomes very blurry and unusable, so I have to check the "override high dpi scaling behavior" (in SE properties) to make SE looks good.

The issue of the font size disappears if I use SE without checking the "override high dpi scaling behavior"

So I'm stuck with two terrible choices, 1: Using SE with blurry fonts.   2: No blurry but you can't see two lines subtitles. 

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in the subtitle edit

right click on the line-->select alignment

(photo attached)


you can use xilisoft convertor {---effects----subtitle-----user defined}



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I need to align some subtitles to the top of the screen in Subtitle Edit, I click on Alignment Top Center, it writes the correct code {\an8} but the subtitle doesn't go to the top in the preview screen.

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