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[Tuto] Visual Subsync

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Hello There !

Here is a tuto introducing Vss (Visual SubSync)

Classical case
Ideal Hypothesis

you snatch  subtitles (.srt)  FR et EN and they are synchro
it is  almost good

Open it with the windows notepad in order to check the line feed/line return.

if NOT (unix files) you have to change it !

in order to do this I use ultra  edit32

After that you will be hable  to merge the mkv file with the srt files


  • Put a name to the text file ( Francais , english ..)
  • put a language to this track ( eng, fre ..) don't left und -undetermined-
  • be a nice guy put a a language on sounds track too


for languages other than english use UTF 8 encoding for specials letters  à , ç etc etc
Worst case hypothesis
(for old tv shows)
you have to do a resync.
Basicly  for a gross approach you can do a quick job with

After for fine tuning , Visual Subsync (VSS pour les intimes)  http://www.visualsubsync.org/home , it is free, awesome, good documented, BUT

a)  no maintenance since Juiy 2013
B ) Ctrl S ( save)  after every modification ( it crashes after 4 changes ...)
c)  it is suppose to extract from the mkv the .wav (you must know what a wave file is ...) and the .peak (that will produce a visual wave form of the sound track , awesome for positionning) but it does not work everytime ....(never for me)
Thus I extract by my own personnal method
1) extract of the  "sound track" by  mkv extract (I have written a .bat files .bat) (search in the mkv tool mix packages)
mkvextract tracks "..The.Company.des infirmières.BluRay.DTS.x264-CtrlHD.mkv" 1:company01.dts
2) Conversion of  company01.dts in that file  company01.wav  by  format factory (ps other softwares could do the job .....)

3) When creating the new project (ByVSS)

Instead of extracting from the mkv  the .wav and the .peak , I extract the .peak from the.wav

1 Search a sound track
2 choose all file
3 take the .wav you are looking for
4 Open
1 A sound Track has been detected
2 Here the is only one
3 Only peak file (good in that case ..)
4 Extract
I will use

1 the peak file
2 the wav file
3 one  srt file  too (if not the software creates a new empty one ..)

4 The soft  proposes a project name
5 Vou create it .... ( ...and surprises are comming...... )
(no fear ... ...)
So we have  peak ,  srt , we start again the creation process of the  new project
We will get this message
We will click on  Yes/Oui

And the work can begin ....
I had a quick look on other software
 ( Aegisub , Subtitle workshop, Subtitle creator) but they do not have this visual feeling that allow to be vey precise

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Here is a quick tuto for VSS -on youtube  they are fantastics tutos and the website   http://www.visualsubsync.org/home  is well done


1 Focus on a precise subtitle ( by drag and drop we can resize it according to peak file)
2 srt related position
3 we can change the text
4 Control block (see below)
1 Play the sequence
2 stop (!) never used ...
3 pause (!) very usefull ...
4 play in loop until you clik on pause or stop
5 Previous sequence  very usefull ....
6 Next sequence  very usefull .. ...
7 play until stop or pause...
You can  zoom  IN and OUT
Create a new subtitle

So awesome and precise but ...

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