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For a long time, addic7ed was captchaless and it was easy to automate the search of subtitles. Since few weeks (months ?) you added a captcha on login and list screen, making the automating impossible. For example, Sub-Zero (https://github.com/pannal/Sub-Zero.bundle) a plex plug-in, had addic7ed in its database. But since your new captcha system, this is deprecated.
I can't ask you to just remove the captcha, so I'm asking you if it's in your plan to create an API for these software ?

Thank you

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Hi, it's only been up for a month. And yes, it's in plans, as said on the home page of the site.

"For the moment, a reCaptcha v2 was implemented on the login page. We're also working on an API to make things easier for people that want to automate subtitle downloads (and uploads!). More info soon."




Got questions? Read our FAQ.

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Just for info, it's still possible to "login" via cookies (with the remember me option), it bypass the captcha.

This cookie is great because it has no time limit (UserId and MD5 Hash of the password).

Sadly, it means the end user has to copy/paste these values himself into the program because it seems there is no possibility of knowing the UserId of a UserName.

So it's good for personnal use but not much for a popular "easy to use" program.

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@chamallow any news about this API? I have hundreds of users that are paying to bypass your captcha when they should be paying a flat fee to access your API. It would probably be less harmful then scraping your website (both for you and me). If I can help, let me know!

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