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Does the site have a developer API that can be used to retrieve data for shows & subtitles?

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Hi, not at this time, no.


Got questions? Read our FAQ.

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That's too bad. Is this something that is being worked on?

I'm interested in building a nicer frontend/webapp to find subtitles, but scraping the main site is painful for both sides so I was hoping there would be a better way.

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    • AthAshino
      By AthAshino

      For a long time, addic7ed was captchaless and it was easy to automate the search of subtitles. Since few weeks (months ?) you added a captcha on login and list screen, making the automating impossible. For example, Sub-Zero (https://github.com/pannal/Sub-Zero.bundle) a plex plug-in, had addic7ed in its database. But since your new captcha system, this is deprecated.
      I can't ask you to just remove the captcha, so I'm asking you if it's in your plan to create an API for these software ?

      Thank you
    • Amaiyume
      By Amaiyume
      Recently the auto search for subtitles in BS Player (im using the Android client) stopped working. It says "No subtitle found or error searching", but since the subtitles are regularly posted here, I think the problem is in the latter part of the message.
      Did the admin shut down the API for it?
      I tried writing in the BS Player forum but no answer still...
      If anyone has a solution or a tip for me, I'd be very grateful.
      Also, huuuge thanks to Addic7ed and all the translators/subbers out there. You are amazing!
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