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feature "x show(s) you follow are ready for download"


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Hi guys,

I think this subforum should be the right place for my question...

I always especially liked addic7ed.com because it helped me keep track of my shows. However for quite some time now it seems impossible to add new shows to the category "following". That means, that I can no longer utilize the beloved feature that addic7ed.com presents me with new subtitles for every show that I watch. (Speaking about the link X show(s) you follow are ready for download! at the top-part of the page) Only older shows that are already added to "I'm following" work for me...

As I understand, that is a known problem and has something to do with tvrage changing its API or something. However I am afraid that this feature is not coming back, so my urgent question is this:

Is there any workaround or at this point even any other solution for me?

As mentioned above, what I really need/want is a page that neatly presents me with all new subtitles relevant for me so that I don't miss some of my shows and so that I can very easily download the relevant subtitles from one place. Just the way it works with older shows...

Help would be greatly appreciated!

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