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Hi, JuliaJuhasz! And welcome to Sub-Talk! :12:

The movie you ask subtitles for is very new. According to IMDb, it has been theatrically released only to a few countries since January 31 and there are still countries where it hasn't been released yet. It's not even a month old!

So, it will take a few months to make its world tour and then a couple of months to make it to home media.

That means that subtitles will only be available after several months because that's when it will be available for digital download and then it will be released on DVD and Blu-ray.

No dates have been announced yet because as I told you the movie is still very new.

Besides, there are no videos yet for the same reason.

You just have to be patient, I'm afraid. :)



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Dear Costa! Thanx 4 your quick answer! In fact, I found the movie but even though I am fluent in English I feel more comfortable with a subt. 

So Thank you and look forward to this upcoming new!

No way...I must be patient! Yeah! Thanx a lot you are very kind! :tumblr_inline_mgr60ahca61qcqwuv:

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Hi, again!

There are no official releases yet. There only Cam rips available, that means unofficial videos ripped from camera usually with bad audio & video quality.

Perhaps someone will find the time to transcribe the movie and release the transcription. But usually such subs are poorly made and have lots of mistakes.

My recommendation is to wait for the official video releases with proper video and audio quality and for the official subs that come with those releases.

It may take a few months but I think it will be worth it. But that's just me. :)

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Yes, you are totally right! It's my anxious side that would like to watch the movie...But it's worth waiting a bit to see it properly, thanx a lot once again, if you need whatever from idioms I manage like Spanish, Hungarian, French and Portuguese do not hesitate to contact me, bye and thanks your wise advice


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