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Tabloid 2010 Documentary Feature Movie 720P Bluray English Subtitles


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I found subs that were ripped from DVD in idx/sub format. These should work for you. Otherwise I can convert them to srt but being that this will be done using OCR then you should expect to find errors in the final result. I don't have the video to check for content. I hope this helps you.

IDX/SUB Format >


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Thanks Man

So nice of you to respond

But I had these one (of DVDrip Format),they are not working (sync) properly, because I had BlueRay version file,if u find this format (BR), Please let me know


Thanks & Regards


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See if the following works for you. It is an idx/sub to srt conversion, with errors corrected, spelled checked and synced to BR release.

SRT format >


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Attach srt file
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