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No Escape (Follow Me) - English Sub For Russian Parts


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Hello is there anyone that can either translate or has the ENGLISH subtitles for the move No Escape (Follow Me) for the RUSSIAN PARTS?

All the subs found so far only have English subs for all the English speaking parts but no English translation subtitles for all the very important parts where the people are speaking Russian.

The parts I can see so far that need translating are the part where the police arrest the guy at the airport, the part in the club where they look like they're trying to kidnap that woman. There's probably more but I stopped here because I don't want to watch without knowing what's going on.

Please please please someone do this so I can finally watch this! I've been waiting about a month for a subtitle to come out so I can watch it! I'd love to be able to watch during my planned Halloween horror movie binge this weekend!

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