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Le Herrison French 2009


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Desperatly searching an english subtitle for a french movie from 2009 "Le Herisson.720p-LOST". There is subtitles available for the xvid rip but they do not work with this mkv rip.

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Because a movie doesn't have commercial breaks in it that vary the overall timing from one release to another, most times a sub file for one movie release can easily be made to work with other releases.
(Apart from variants like, e.g., "Director's Special Cut Including Tea Breaks and Swearing At The Actors"... Whatever.)

What will usually need adjustment is the start and finish times.

If you are already familiar with what follows, never mind, someone else might find it interesting.
If it's unexplored territory, don't be daunted - play around and have fun. It soon becomes easy. (There are folks around here that do this sort of thing while making a cup of tea with their free hand!)

Try this:

Firstly, make and save a copy of the sub file original (in case you make a mess of things).

1 - open your sub (and video) in Subtitle Workshop,
2 - delete any credit lines at the start and/or finish (ie, leave only the first and last spoken lines),
3 - let it run until the very first sound of the first spoken line, and Pause it; note the time of this,
4 - select Edit/Timing/Adjust/Adjust subtitles... Change the time shown in the "First spoken line" box to the time you noted in 3; press 'Adjust',
5 - go to the end of the sub/video, and do all of the above, but for the "Last spoken line".

You've now shifted the timing, as a whole, forwards or back.

Save the file, and try it.


Important links: Forum Help.


Never look before you leap, it'll spoil the surprise.

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