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    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Scotty And The Secret History Of Hollywood - 2017 - 6/10 A year earlier, I was mildly interested in Scotty Bowers’ book, “Full Service.”
      Bit of a kiss n tell of closeted Hollywood, circa 40s - 50s.
      Bowers was a procurer, primarily of willing young male hustlers for studio gays.
      The man makes a lot of claims, and many, if not all, of his subjects are now deceased.
      Some of his memories sounds accurate, others misremembered or fabricated.
      Personal taste.  I found him likeable, then gradually I found him sleazy.
      For folks who slow down to gaze at traffic accidents, this ain’t “Hollywood Babylon.”
      Oh, and Bowers’ book holds no interest for me now.
    • CURFEW - Sky 1 (Uk)
      By alea · Posted
      any (raw) transcript for s01e05?
    • addic7ed activation email never arrived.
      By chamallow · Posted
      Hi @joevanni99, please check your emails.
    • CURFEW - Sky 1 (Uk)
      By x · Posted
      Any chance the S01E03 srt file is available now ( in any language)?
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Puss In Books: Adventures Of The Library Cat - 1997 - 6/10 Cat haters, keep away.  Book haters, avoid.
      Brief documentary of feline denizens working local libraries.
      Rodent control, security patrol, good will ambassador, snoozer.
      Twenty or so layabouts are discussed and profiled.
      There are also stray Cassandras who wail about dander and ailurophobia. *
      Breezy fun for feline fans and library habitués. * Years ago, in my village, Dewey and Deci were given the ole heave ho.
      One infrequent patron hollered, and the board ignored over 2000 signatures on the petition.
    • addic7ed activation email never arrived.
      By joevanni99 · Posted
      Hi, I have the same problem. username is joevanni99
    • das boot
      By Mohindra · Posted
      I don't know.
    • das boot
      By Clemb77 · Posted
      Many thanks, But where can we found it in English? 
    • das boot
      By Mohindra · Posted
      Hii, as soon as I have time, I'll get back to it if no one else does.
    • das boot
      By Clemb77 · Posted
      Did you know why they stop to translate this tv show in French?
    • Reply to hemlig's posts on The Orville S02E11
      By Costa Dax · Posted
      This topic is meant as a reply to hemlig 's posts on The Orville - S02E11 - Lasting Impressions : Well, hemlig, I know you mean well but you're wrong on all counts. Bear in mind that I'm a graduate of English Language and English Literature from the University of Manchester (England), and that I've lived eight years in the UK, two years in the US, a year in Canada, and a year in New Zealand. Due to my educational background and after having spent twelve years in English-speaking countries, English is my second "first language". Now, you seem to ignore the fact that the transcript is not a sum of grammatically correct sentences but a written representation of what is actually being said even if that is not grammatically correct. If someone says "hisself" (instead of "himself") or "themself" (instead of "themselves") or "supposably"/"supposely"/"supposingly" (instead of "supposedly") then that's what should appear in the transcript. In this particular case, the actor says Bortus's (pronounced /ˈbor.tu.sɨz/) not Bortus' (pronounced /ˈbor.tus/ ), so that's what one should find in the transcript. The genitive case and the correct use of the apostrophe is something many native English speakers (especially Americans) struggle with. In many US movies and TV shows, the actors (meaning the writers) are oblivious to the rules concerning the correct use of the genitive s if a word ends with an -s. Equally oblivious are the (American) people who make the transcripts. That's why there are so many mistakes and inconsistencies. But The Orville is one of the few exceptions where the actors make correct use of the genitive case when they speak; so kudos to the writers! If a noun in singular ends with an -s, you ALWAYS add apostrophe+s in order to make the genitive case . Examples: "a bus's taillight", "the actress's performance", "the boss's decision", "a noble gas's atomic mass", "Charles's wife", "James's things", "Ross's girlfriend", "Tess's boyfriend", "Chris's brother", etc. So, "Bortus's sex lagoon" is not only what is being said but also what is actually grammatically correct . If you want to refresh the rules concerning the genitive case and the use of the apostrophe, here are some links: Classical proper names ending in -s (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Biblical, etc.) also follow the general rule, for example  "Cronus's children", "Leonidas's spear", "Odysseus's son", "Zeus's infidelity", "Artemis's bow", "Eris's golden apple of discord", "Iris's greatest fear", "Isis's husband", etc. Nevertheless, as a mere convention, they may also commonly be used with just the apostrophe without the genitive s . Examples: "Jesus' disciples", "Augustus' guards", "Sophocles' plays", "Pericles' Funeral Oration", "Achilles' heel", etc. Sometimes even the apostrophe is dropped, for example "Achilles heel" or "Achilles tendon". Bear in mind that this is just a convention which many accept as equally correct but which is rejected by many notable academicians and scholars who insist that the only correct expressions are "Jesus's", "Augustus's", and so on. Now, somejohn 's edit is also correct. It is true that the word "roomful" exists. Nevertheless, the phrase " a room full of... " is overwhelmingly more common than the phrase " a roomful of... ". But that is irrelevant. What's relevant is again what is actually being said. If you listen really carefully you may notice a small pause between "room" and "full", meaning that the actor actually pronounces two words instead of one. But you have to have an experienced ear to get it. I also noticed that you made a third edit. You split a sentence with a total of 39 characters into two lines ( " Oh, my God, it was so nice to meet you ." ). I'm sorry but that is the definition of pointless editing. SubtitleEdit allows lines up to 43 characters long and Addic7ed allows lines up to 40 characters long for its subs . So a line with 39 characters is perfectly fine either way. I didn't undo that edit because I didn't want to add to the already unnecessary editing you made. Anyway, that's almost all. Obviously, I undid the first two edits you made. For future reference, if you have a problem with someone's edits, you can contact them or leave a post on the episode's page with your concerns BEFORE you undo their edits. It's more respectful and, this way, the subs won't end up with a bunch of unnecessary edits. But I get that you felt sure about your edits and you meant well. So, from my part, everything is peachy!
    • klem
      By jomag · Posted
      seeking subs for this dutch series season 0one