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    • Infinity train - pilot and episode 1
      By somesubguy78 · Posted
      Hello. I would like to make a request for subtitles for first two episodes of Infinity Train cartoon ( S01E00 and S01E01 ). Thank you.
    • Hiya all
      By BorisVictor · Posted
      Welcome, el birnn!
    • Subs for Lambs of God
      By SherlockHu · Posted
      raw subs will do.
    • Subs for Lambs of God
      By SherlockHu · Posted
      This is an Australia 4 episodes miniseries. Hope someone could snyc subs for this show.
    • English subtitles for Solo Season 2
      By el birnn · Posted
      Anybody got English subs for this ? Been searching high and low, but no luck so far. This is what the file looks like : Solo.2x01.ITA.720p.WEB-DL.aac.x264-Jsph69 Would love all 4 episodes  
    • Hiya all
      By el birnn · Posted
      Im from denmark...and a proper couch potato   :-)
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Milius - 2013 - 7/10 Perceptive, if skewed, look at the man, his bombastic persona, and tremendous output.
      Very – very little of his personal life is shown.
      Amongst a plethora of impressive interviewees, were Milius’ son and daughter.
      No mention of wives or marriages, or any personal details.
      Consequently, most of the anecdotes or stories from others are “work” related.
      For a doc of an artist, such is to the point, with very little fat.
      Fans of this man will truly enjoy.  As Sam Elliott warns early on, however,  “John doesn’t write for women, and he doesn’t write for pussies.”  This documentary will appeal mostly to men, especially those who have won a few battles and lost a few.
      Note - I will never view Big Lebowski’s Walter quite the same.
    • English Subtitles for "The Young Riders" All Seasons
      By Starsearcher · Posted
      I'm looking for subtitles for "The Young Riders", seasons 1 - 3 As by now (July 2019) Prime Video offers all seasons with Closed Caption. Maybe this will help?   I've been looking for these subtitles for years. I'd be grateful if someone could help. Thanks a lot
    • Bergerac (1981-1991) English subs S5-S9 (BBC)
      By sudsy · Posted
      Hi John Nettles (I like your choice of user name) I use subs because of hearing issues particularly if there is a bit of an accent involved.  Any that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. As an alternative to save you effort, you could extract the raw idx/sub files and pass them to me via email or file host, and I could convert them myself. Would that work?  If you're interested in doing that, PM me here.  FYI I'm missing subs for Season 5 Episodes 3, 4, 9 and Seasons 6-9. The uploader on opensubtitles seems to be posting one or two a week including a new one today so maybe we could start with season 6. As for your request, I suggest you post it as a separate topic, perhaps in the general section.  I'm unclear what you want done, so perhaps you could elaborate. As best as I can tell, you want an English speaking person to listen and write what is being said in the miniseries while watching.  I'll appreciate any help you can give me. sudsy  
    • Bergerac (1981-1991) English subs S5-S9 (BBC)
      By John Nettles · Posted
      Hi, sudsy! What do you need subtitles for if you're English-speaking?
      I can not share all subtitles at once, because I noticed
      that the program (Subrip) for extracting subtitles from the DVD consumes two letters ("C" & "r").
      Before each episode I have to manually correct the subtitles from the entire episode.
      There will be all episodes in English. And now for something completely different. I am looking for an English native,
      for me to write dialogues from a miniseries from the 80s.
      Of course, he would do it for free.
      No time codes, only dialogues.
      Anyone interested?
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Belle Épine - 2010 - 5/10
      AKA - Dear Prudence After being arrested for separate shoplifting, two teenage girls form a tenuous relationship.
      Unlike what some reviews indicate, they do not “bond.”
      One is bourgeois, has superior prospects, yet is adrift following the death of a parent.
      The other is harder to pinpoint, save she of rougher cloth, with more limited means.
      Both are drawn to an underground scene of midnight motorbike racing, and death.
      None of these lost souls are portrayed well, nor are they particularly interesting.
      Nor is the film, for that matter.
      Premarital sex, midnight motorbikes, cigarettes.  These teen tropes were done in the 50s, likely before that.
      Here, set in 2010, they are old fashioned and implausible.
    • == Aide à la traduction sur forum ==
      By balzane · Posted
      Les galipettes, c'est ma génération qui a vu en direct l'homme marcher sur la Lune, c'est dire... Je suis fasciné, en sous-titrant des séries, par la richesse du vocabulaire et de l'argot américain pour parler de sexe ce qui rend leurs blagues à double sens souvent intraduisibles. Merci à Urban dictionnary de m'aider à déchiffrer ! Dans le genre, si je puis dire, dans "The Detour", je viens de découvrir le pronom non-genré "ze" qui s'utilise pour parler de il ou elle ou les 2 à la fois ou aucun des deux ! C'est comme une sorte d'écriture inclusive qui dépasse le simple masculin/féminin.