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    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      The Ritual - 2017 - 5/10 Five mates plan their annual travel excursion.
      Oops, make that four following an early tragedy.
      Soft city lads, they opt for a stiff hike through Sweden's wilderness.
      Photography is moody, stark, disorienting.  The guys are equally moody, dense and confused.
      Prime example:  "If we take a shortcut through the woods we can save time."
      No no no!  Do not take shortcuts, especially if your knowledge of outdoors is zilch.
      Mistakes mount, compound, and you realize these unsympathetic louts are too dim to care about.
      The plot staggers into lore territory, and that feels shoe-horned.  Kitchen sink mentality.
      Disappointing adaptation of Adam Nevill's book.
    • T J Hooker
      By Sonsonalex · Posted
      Thank you for answering I get unknown error when I try to upload it  I did fix it with Subtitle Edit first tho
    • T J Hooker
      By chamallow · Posted
      Hi, you can just upload them on the site. Select "New show" on the upload page and fill in the informations.
      But make sure the subtitles respect our rules before uploading them (part 4 of the FAQ)
    • == Café Addic7ed ==
      By Apocalypse25 · Posted
      Mais que c'est bon The Expanse !
      L'épisode 2 est vraiment trippant.
    • Recherche sous-titre fr pour D Gray Man Hallow
      By Gloglo · Posted
      Bonjour a tous, Je suis a la recherche des sous-titres français pour l'anime D Gray Man Hallow (13 épisodes). J'ai parcouru le net mais rien trouvé... Il existe bien des vidéos vostfr, mais la qualité est dégueulasse et les sous-titres semblent être incrustes... Donc l'extraction est impossible. Si vous avez une idée de l'endroit ou je peux les trouver, ca serait cool   Merci d'avance.
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Belinda et Moi - 2014 - 6/10
      AKA - Belinda And Me Older woman's partner dies and their piano cafe closes, the lease expires.
      She intends to move out, but what to do about the piano?
      Oh!  Give to Jean, the nephew, promising student, and angelic little boy.
      Jean arrives, employment skills limited to after hours park work, poor cosmetic technique.
      And he prefers to be called Belinda. Once unconventional subject is becoming mainstream.  No edge here.
      That said, the narrative stays fresh with plot shifts, unexpected characters.
      Belinda is not a sympathetic soul, but one roots for her after awhile.
      OK French TV film.
    • == Café Addic7ed ==
      By Apocalypse25 · Posted
      @hymeros : le public de base US est encore aux mesures impériales et comme ce n'est pas une série hard science...

      Les premiers retours sur les 2 premiers épisodes de Westworld saison 2 sont excellents.
      Les journalistes spécialisés ont pu les voir en avant première.
    • La Vie des Séries, la chronique.
      By miss-house · Posted
      L'annulation de Taken c'est la meilleure nouvelle de l'année.  La première saison était vraiment nulle et la seconde je me suis arrêté en plein milieu tellement c'était mal engagé. Pas une grosse perte. 
    • database max connections error
      By deglinglau · Posted
      Hello @Wally73 , We're currently down (see Devs are working on it.
    • database max connections error
      By Wally73 · Posted
      Warning : mysql_pconnect() [ function.mysql-pconnect ]: User admin_addic7ed already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in  /home/admin/domains/  on line  34
      Database connection error   that is happening for the last 3+ hours 
    • La Vie des Séries, la chronique.
      By Hymeros · Posted
      (last update 20/4) Petite série de renouvellements et quelques coupes franches. Money Heist - Saison 3 (Netflix) This Close - Saison 2 (SundanceTV) Liste des renouvellements 2018/2019 de CBS: Blue Bloods - S09 Bull - S03 Hawaii Five-0 - S09 Madam Secretary - S05 MacGyver - S03 NCIS: Los Angeles - S10 NCIS: New Orleans - S05 viennent compléter les séries précédemment annoncées, pour mémoire: The Big Bang Theory Young Sheldon Mom NCIS Seal Team S.W.A.T. Séries annulées: Homeland - la saison 8 sera la finale (Showtime) Taken - pas de S3 (NBC) For The People - pas de S2 (ABC) .---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maj du 19/4 Prolongée:   Free Rein - Saison 3 (Netflix) Annulée: Seven Seconds - pas de S2 (Netflix) .---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maj du 20/4 Prolongée: Genius (Mary Shelley) - Saison 3 (National Geographic) Annulée: Living Biblically - pas de S2 (CBS)  
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      The Architecture Of Doom - 1989 - 6/10 Curious documentary of the Third Reich dominated by artistic and aesthetic components.
      How many of the party leaders were unsuccessful writers, poets, painters, etc ...
      The aim of the Party was to rebuild the nation on a vast scale.
      Major exhibitions were shown of idealistic representative art and massive civic improvements.
      Second half switches from city layouts to body perfection.  Eugenics.
      Which leads to the systematic obliteration of "flawed humanity" via extermination camps.
      I cannot say I concur with many of the arguments as presented, yet the take is provocative.
      No mention, by the way, of Lebensraum.
      No talking heads, just dry narration.  Outstanding visuals.
      Difficult to make up my mind about this.  Need to rewatch.