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Assembling a team for a classic anime fansub project limited to four series.

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Hello, everyone. I'm first time poster but I've been a member for almost nine years :mml: and 20 years in fansubbing. You can tell I'm quite old in the game, so here we go.

I want to assemble a team of unique individuals to make the best of these series in English, courageous pioneers committed to the highest ideals of justice!! and dedicated to preserving the good old fansubs across the new frontier, this are the adventures of the Fansub rangers!! (Got the reference?)

Ok, seriously now, I've been dubbing VHS tapes with Genlock deltascan, using substation alpha and making four episode tapes 20 years ago. The advent of the dvd-blu ray **** and new techniques makes me a dinosaur compared to the easiness of making fansubs nowadays.

So, my idea is to fansub four series based on martial arts and speed. I can translate myself these series so we're good on scripts and raws. But I don't want to do it all myself and then toss the project because I was burned out and bored. "Teamwork" is the essence to keep the passion alive.

The four series are :

Wandering avenger Sanshiro (Kurenai Sanshiro) 25 episodes
The Legend of Kamui, The rogue Ninja (Ninpuu Kamui Den) 25 episodes
Arrow Emblem, The Falcon of the grand prix (Grand prix no taka) 44 episodes
Highschool Kimengumi, the gang of the funny faces (86 episodes)
(Maybe transformers g1 subtitles, I have 2 seasons but I want to expand them)

I will need people taking care of the timing, English script check and grammar, possibly video editors and a volunteer Japanese translator for Kimengumi since the wordplay and jokes are very Japanese and my skills are very basic on this.

Our group will finish operations when we post these four series fully translated on the site, and we will all celebrate for a job well done. I've lead projects before and concluding them in good fashion. I know when to quit and I know my capacity and my members. Don't expect me to be one of those amateur guys that decide to do 10 or 30 shows. That shows the ignorance of the people involved. Four is good.

So, if interested, reply here or PM me and depending on the people we get to help us, we will work simultaneously on two series so we don't get burned out with the same show.

Thanks and welcome to "old dude anime tapes"

My past works:


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