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RAW: Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide [2010]


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I am currently working on a release of all episodes and all existing specials from the first 10 seasons of "Doctor Who 2005".

For many specials there are already great subtitles in English that I can use.

For the specials of 6-10 or even 20 minutes I will be generating the subtitles myself but this is a 45 minutes documentary that I simply don't have the time to complete in a timely manner.

If there's anyone who can help creating a proper subtitle from the one generated based on the audio file please let me know.

The movie can be found only on a **** - but I can provide a GoogleDrive link if needed: Doctor Who -The Ultimate Guide(17th April 2010 on Space) [TVRip (XviD)] --- Size: 652 MB (684,320,768 bytes)

Thank you in advance for any help.

Doctor Who -The Ultimate Guide(17th April 2010 on Space) [TVRip (XviD)].srt

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