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The Great British Sewing Bee S07E01-10


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Hey y'all! ? Working on translating those in french for my mom, so i thought i'd put them up here as well. Here are all the raw english subs i grabbed from the BBC player (which don't have any info on who made them, so i wouldn't really know what to put as the Release Group, would "BBC" work?), they'd need a bit of work to add sequences (since some dialogues are too long, or have more than 2 exchanges), and they're colored, so they'd need to be two versions of each. Also I think some words could be wrong ?  (and idk if it's just me but i feel like it might be a few milliseconds late even on the original BBC file, so idk???)

I already have the french translation ready for the first ep, but it's colored as well, so i'll eventually work a non-colored version when the english subs are up.


Anyway here are the files, hope i did okay since this is my first time starting subs from scratch for an ep that doesn't have any english ones yet, and it's also my first time posting here ?

  1. OK - synced & posted
  2. OK - synced & posted
  3. The_Great_British_Sewing_Bee_Series_7_-_03._Episode_3_m000vlvd_editorial.srt
  4. The_Great_British_Sewing_Bee_Series_7_-_04._Episode_4_m000vt9j_editorial.srt
  5. The_Great_British_Sewing_Bee_Series_7_-_05._Episode_5_m000w1kg_editorial.srt
  6. The_Great_British_Sewing_Bee_Series_7_-_06._Episode_6_m000w7rz_original.srt
  7. The_Great_British_Sewing_Bee_Series_7_-_07._Episode_7_m000wft6_original.srt
  8. The_Great_British_Sewing_Bee_Series_7_-_08._Episode_8_m000wnz7_original.srt
  9. The_Great_British_Sewing_Bee_Series_7_-_09._Episode_9_m000wwdm_editorial.srt
  10. The_Great_British_Sewing_Bee_Series_7_-_10._Episode_10_m000x304_original.srt

If anyone is interested, i think i could grab the ones for previous seasons as well.

EDIT: adding the subs i grabbed for the other seasons! there's a bit of work to do on those as well to resync them!

Season 1

  1. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S01E01_Eng.srt
  2. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S01E02_Eng.srt
  3. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S01E03.srt
  4. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S01E04.srt

Season 2

  1. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S02E00.srt (Christmas special)
  2. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S02E01.srt
  3. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S02E02.srt
  4. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S02E03.srt
  5. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S02E04.srt
  6. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S02E05.srt
  7. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S02E06.srt
  8. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S02E07.srt
  9. The.Great.British.Sewing.Bee.S02E08.srt


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removing files i already worked on & adding files for other seasons!
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