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It Has To Be Something Like "hi" Or "hello", Right?


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Hi, people.

I'm Usurário [by the way, can't nicks have acute accent? I tried to register "Usurário", but it wasn't possible], writing from Brazil.

I am a native speaker of Portuguese, fluent speaker of English and advanced speaker of Spanish and I have subtitled a couple of episodes already. I work as translator/profreader and I am a fan of animated series.

The site is huge - way bigger than I thought! I'm a bit lost here yet! So sorry if I make any mistake in the next days (I have read the rules, it's just that sometimes I'm a bit absent-minded).

Is there any section of this board where I could request help with listening, for transcription/subtitling? I consider myself a good translator, but often find difficulties when it comes to listening.

(I know this is almost going off-topic, but, well, I think it's sort of fine, since it's an introduction topic. So, talking about listening difficulties, one of the worst feelings I had in my English-speaker life was when I called USPS. I was trying to track a delivery but couldn't understand 90% what the telephone operator was saying, because she was speaking so darn quick! Hehe.)

Sorr for this huge "hello" topic. I hope it has at least amused the ones who read it! ;)


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Thanks for the warm welcome, people.

honeybunny, in which section of Sub-Talk can I ask for help with my transcription?

;) Cheers

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Depending on the language you want to translate/transcribe, you can chose one of the subforums in: Sub-Talk Community -> General Forum.

If it's English, you can post in: Subtitles -> General

It's not the years in the life, but the life in the years dQVXh.gif

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