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honeybunny’s message for Addic7ed’s users

Guest honeybunny

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Guest honeybunny

[i posted this originally on facebook, but I figured many of you may not have an account there or may not be our fans :P. So I'll post this here too.]

Ok, so this season we succeeded in providing you with fast quality subtitles for most of the shows. We never asked for anything, maybe some gratitude and every now and then some support for the server cost.

But the moment has come to ask for something else. We ask for some patience. I know you are all eager to get everything you want as soon as possible. But just think for a bit that what we do is not done with a simple click. It involves personal time and effort. It involves waking up earlier than necessary or going to bed later than we should have. And we have all planned. We do everything as fast as we can or as fast as it possible is.

I know you think we might have missed an episode if you don’t see its sub as soon as you have that episode downloaded, and you feel the need to remind us. I know you think we might forget that some of you wait for the 720p version. We don’t. But things take time. Our team is not big, and we have many shows to cover.

Try to understand that and try to respect that. Try to understand we dedicate some of our time for you. We don’t have to do this. We want to do this. And more importantly, we do it for free. Asking and demanding us to hurry, asking for reasons, criticizing us for being late… That’s not a very supportive attitude. And it does not motivate us.

I know not all of you do this. We appreciate your kind words when we succeed in helping you enjoy the shows better, we are grateful for your praises. We actually rely on you to let us know if the subs are not in good sync, they have missing letters and other flaws.

But remember you can get involved as well. You can correct the mistakes you notice while watching an episode. You can re-sync a subtitle, if another version is not available yet. I know it’s easier to wait and comment on how long some subs take to come out, but before you write the next comment like this one “My god, why? How is it possible? It’s a great show, I can’t understand why it’s subtitles appear so late!”, stop for a moment and think about everything I wrote here.

Thank you for your patience and support.


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Addic7ed is simply the best.I've been downloading subs for a while from here and there, but now I get 99.9% of the subs from your team.You're doing a fantastic job and I hope you'll continue for a long time.There will always be unhappy people who complain for this and that, but what can we do ? Let's just ignore them if they can't understand and appreciate all the great work you're doing for FREE.

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Nothing more, nothing less. With out the subs from this side there would't be 70% translations in my country. We're greatfull for that. And sorry for my english. I use it very rarely.

Once again big thanks to all of you.

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Where is the hell are the subs for Castle S02E17 !! Jk

I totally respect those who create subtitles, it takes a huge time and effort.
I had a taste of it a couple of years ago, I used to be a subs corrector not a full sub maker and I can tell you that just editing a subtitle of a 1 hour show takes nearly 3 hours.
And because I was so focused on fixing the mistakes in the subtitles I couldn't enjoy the shows themselves, I had to pause like every couple of minutes to fix something. Now imagine making a subtitle from scratch, they have to pause at every damn line!!

You have to remember that subtitle makers aren't obligated in anyway whatsoever to do what they do, they only do it cause they want to, so don't you dare criticize them, at least not the good high quality sub guys like our bunny for example.

I warn you, I will COME AFTER YOU!!

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Life? What life? I have no life ..


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Who cares about those who complain of delayed occurrence subtitles?
I try to imagine those: some viewers, with bags of peanuts and cans of juice in them arms, with big open eyes propped on TV.
Respect for the guy next to you, work towards the other, lack of education of many.

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The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!





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I love you hunnybunny, you're the best.

I wish I could find English subtitles for The Philadelphia Experiment online.

It's crap being deaf sometimes :(

Keep up the good work hunnybunny

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Thank you honeybunny for all what you've done using your free time.
Never can understand why & how people can complain :@

Anyway, thanks a lot again even if the website would never be up again (but I really hope not)


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Glad to hear you guys plan to be back. I'm nowhere near good enough with syncing to make initial subs, but I started doing some corrections here and there, and if and when you go back online, I'll try to do that more with my favorite shows.

(I'm one of those weird people who like to watch everything with subtitles; I even have closed captioning enabled on my TV all the time. :P)

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In the whole net I have to say addic7ed is far the most complete subs site.
I could never thank you enough for the great job you do.
Well, aside from saying it, I guess a donation would be a better way to thank and help keep up such a huge work :D

I'm a bsplayer user, and since you are offline I have to rely on those 2 websites they link to for subs:

Most of the times they don't have subs (I always say "if you don't find it on addic7ed, it means it doesn't exist").
And many other times their subs are from.... addic7ed :D

Bsplayer does not allow you to manually insert a subs site to search in.
That means either you download them manually, like I do, or you get to fish inside those two websites only.

You ever thought of agreeing with them to be one of their official subs site?

Aside all this, please post coordinates for donations: I think many of us users will be pleased to help :)

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Congratulations to ADDIC7ED for becoming the BEST site for sub-titles!

I used to spend hours roaming to several sites to get subtitles that were of poor quality, took several days to appear, full of messages from the SYNCers and were missing several key shows.

Boy has that changed with ADDIC7ED. You guys post everything quickly with good quality. And with subtle credits for your excellent work.

Special thanks to Honeybunny for your excellent work.


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I've done my fair share of ripping subtitles from DVD's or bluray's for public consumption especially trying to resync them properly. It's hard enough to do because I'm hearing-impaired myself and it's a bit tricky listening to cue's in order to sync them properly. For example Robot Chicken Season 4 was ripped by me however the bitch was that the program I had used for ripping the subtitles was not a great tool. Hence it reseted everything to 0.0 timing. Now I've gotten another tool, vobsub, to do the work for me with no timing needed. Whoop!

In regards to Addic7ed, in the past it was annoying enough waiting for subtitles for many days, weeks, etc for a certain show on different sites. Alot of sites in the past were/are unorganized with alot of annoying malware advertisements. Podnapsi, opensubtitles, etc are several examples. I'm aware that this site is not perfect and all shows aren't subbed. At least, the work is appreciated :)

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Guest r3p0_thetrue1

samo here ...
been (mis)using the site for more then a while...
ok not every sub was triple-A, but then again, i've yet to discover a retail sub that is triple-A on itself.
One can not but rip what is content on the source
sync a bit, correct the lines some
and then u have what it takes
the blueprint for a fine srt...

think i might have been one of the last uploads yesterday prior to it going offline...

sadly... and already missed after such a very short period.
Ok, there is no date added for a return, but i surely hope the period to return will be very short.

Looking forward to enjoying the subs in future.

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Hi, Honeybunny!
I'm missing you and Addic7ed a lot. :_(
You are my heroes!
I'm waiting anxiously for new seasons of the UK series I like in order to keep helping the site with my few synchs.
Ignore the haters. There are plenty of people who love you, me amongst them. :)
All my good vibes for you and Addic7ed!
Hope to see you soon.

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