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Et Un De Plus !


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Hi lads,


I am quite a big fan of US drama shows. I 've been following a couple of them throughout the years, like :


24 | Lost | Battlestar Galactica (favorite) | Homeland | Breaking Bad | Arrow | Game of thrones | Dexter | House of cards | Mad Men | Da Vinci code | Kabul Kitchen | Scandal | XIII


And I think I can say I haven't missed one single episode of them. I have also started to watch lately Band of brothers and Boardwalk empire, but they do not look like as promising as my firsts.


Fact is, I am kept entertained by these, and every time a show that I am following runs, I can't wait to see the next episode.

And the epidemy has spread accross to my girlfriend who is now waiting with.


Actually, I don't need any subtitles for myself - but my girlfriend does - so I guess what I am doing here is to give a little help to the french community when possible, mainly around the shows I am following above.


So that's it for now I guess. I am sure we will be meeting again soon. Until then, have fun enjoying your favorite show nicely translated ! :-p


All the best - kiteuf.

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Afin de développer un projet à but non-lucratif visant à
aider les enfants à lutter contre le cancer en France, je souhaiterais
solliciter la communauté afin de récupérer une vidéo et de la

Si vous voulez apporter votre aide, la vidéo à
récupérer est sur youtube sous le titre "Superformula to fight Cancer"
de jwtbrazil.

Merci à tous !


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