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Jack Sparreau Presentation

Jack Sparreau

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Hi all !


yes Jack Sparreau, almost like the character of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"... but french one ;-) :-)


So, you understand I'm french. I used to come on Addic7ed website since  several months to download french subtitles for many tv shows we are watching at home, in alphabetical order :



Dr Who


Hawaï 5-O

Midsomer murders

Murdoch Mysteries

NCIS (not Los Angeles)

Person of interest



The Big Bang Theory



not so bad, isn't it ?


Most of time I found what I'm looking for.

But for some of these shows it's missing the french translation. So a week ago I decided to get into the translation. Starting from the english file, my first try is still in progress : Midsomer murders Let us prey 2nd episode of the running season (the 16th).


I hope my "work" will be correct, as in the translation and in the respect of rules.



Jack Sparreau, Station House N°4

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