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Trouble With Multiple Files On Following Page

Captain Jens

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I have recently experienced that multidownload from my "following" page failes to pop and download any zip-file. I click on multidownload, the page refreshes and all the shows I've chosen to download disappear, but no zip file is downloaded.

Last two days, nothing happens though, I check the subs I want, click download, and then I just get a white page page with url http://www.addic7ed.com/downloadmultiple.php and nothing happens. My list of available shows is still listed at the bottom of the "following" page.

Both Firefox and Chrome.


Any ideas?

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sorry about that. we fixed a similar bug yesterday.

Good thing is, I can reproduce it for my account to, a fix is on the way. Sorry! 

Will let you know. Subscribe to notifications from this thread if you want.

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