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A7++ Romanian translation


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If someone who knows Romanian is interrested in translating the A7++ extension (EN / FR) into that language, you are welcome :)

Here is the list of words / sequences to translate: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11eGXT6I358NKqR1bOPeHLXjeR_g0hYIwJ3n_r2KS0LI/edit#gid=0
The tranlations can be done directly into the google sheet document (take care, there is two pages of translations).


Thanks in advance.


PS: A7++ is a "Life-changing tool for translators and proofreaders on Addic7ed.com"

PS2: The French link is more updated that en english one (by almost 2 years) and provides the browser store links

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