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I Spy 1965-1968 English Sub Request


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Hey there everyone! I am currently resyncing another TV show into 25fps. (The Sweeney)

I have been looking for/ planning to make English subtitles for "I Spy" from 1965-1968. @ 23.976fps

Any help making them or finding text/srt files, would be very much appreciated.

I know it has no original CC... But perhaps there is something out there.
Or we can work together to make 82 new subtitles! :D
Or I'll do it by hand eventually! I really enjoy this TV series... Over and over!

Thank you in advance for any response.

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1 hour ago, chile-verde said:

Found English raw subtitles but only for S02 & S03. Did not check for content. Hope this helps!

I.Spy.S02.zip 583.36 kB · 0 downloads I.Spy.S03.zip 524.8 kB · 0 downloads

Wow Thanks! It's not in sync with my current 23.976fps version ... Maybe I can find another video file that is a different frame rate. (I did! a 24fps)

These subs work with 24fps very well. I have not tested them on season 3. But S2E2 is in sync @ 24 fps, throughout the entire episode... 

You've saved me a lot of subtitling work! Thank you!

I've been looking for the subtitles you have provided for years!
What's your secret? ;) :P

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Extra Thanks
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Yeah, I was joking! I really appreciate it though, I'm watching "I Spy" now!
"Access" eh?

I figured there might be files online. Search engines are no good anymore.

I'm not very good at scripting. The most script experience I have, is in Arma 2/3... I am hopelessly lost, when I press F12 in my web browser.

I can't write C++ or anything like that. I'm sure I could learn, if I took the time.
Thanks again, I have a lot of work ahead of me.


Edit: Many Thanks, I am Uploading these to OpenSubtitles. The most common version of "I Spy" is now 24fps.
I had some old files. But I have big HDDs and like to save things just in case.

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Thanks again!
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I am a french speaking Belgian trying to make a "good" French version of I Spy (les espions).
I bought the US DVD (@ 23.976 ips) and most of the French-speaking episodes (@25.000 ips).
Slowing down the French speaking episodes is not a problem, neither the "black sequences" whitch have different lengths in French and English.

Unfortunately, I am missing 4 French-speaking episodes :
Les espions [I Spy] [1x06] The loser [The Loser]
Les espions [I Spy] [3x03] Laya [Laya]
Les espions [I Spy] [3x17] À l'ouest de nulle part [A Few Miles West of Nowhere]
Les espions [I Spy] [3x23] Conforme au plan [Suitable for Framing]

I am not a professionnal translator but, with the help of Google Translate and Deepl, I feel able to translate the English (or the Spanish, or the Dutch) version ... but I can't find then.
Could ChuckBrown or chile-verde reload the 2 zip files withe the English subtitles for season 2 & 3 or send the 4 missing subtitles to my email adress (available by PM) ?

Your help would be very welcome.


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I have Emailed all the season 3 Srt.'s I have. These are 24Fps.

I tried to upload them here, but was having trouble. I'll try again. There we go.

I Spy S3E17 A Few Miles West of Nowhere 24fps.srt I Spy S3E3 Laya 24fps.srt I Spy S3E23 Suitable for Framing 24fps.srt

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Uploaded files
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