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1970 McCloud - English Subtitle Search


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Hey everyone I've been watching a bit of McCloud from the 70's...

Some of my DVDrip files have Eng, subs built in... Season 2 has all of them. Season 1 is missing 4. Season 3 is missing at least 1.

I am currently ripping the subs from the files, and making SRTs to put on OpenSubtitles. So I'll place a link to them here when I'm done uploading.

If anyone can help me find the text from various episodes that would be great. Thanks.


Edit: I uploaded the majority of them.

Still missing: The Pilot: Portrait of a dead girl/Who killed miss USA?, Season 1 Episode 4,5,6. Season 3 Episode 1 and the "special/movie?" The return of Sam McCloud.


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Uploaded All My Files (Removed error, Only Eng. No Fre, or Spa subs)
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Just now, chile-verde said:

Thanks for your time and effort! I just updated my post. I'm missing those 6! Maybe I will make subtitles for those missing 6. It's not too much work.

I'm just so busy and tired lately. Who isn't?! I'm not going to commit to doing that right now.

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