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Mine Is The Number Just Before Infinity...


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O haidere!


TwiztedZero is the name, Place it on it's side and it's the Infinity_symbol1.jpg symbol meaning... Infinity!


I'm one of them sci-fi & fantasy geek sorts that messes with everythign and anything from pc building - repairs - a little scripting - some coding - jack of all trades master of none. Been at it for a little over two decades and showing no signs of slowing down. I'm a frequent user of XBMC(hub) for **** my shows while multitasking and doing other things around the house when I'm not otherwise engaged with work and IRL activities you'll find me on various IRCd's & Forums all over the place.


The eyecandy of HDTV & Streaming is a fairly big part of my life, you see I'm one of those Deaf fellers with the wild flashing hands and energetic spatial classifiers, intense blazing eyes, and as such "TV is my Radio" so I pretty much almost always have something on one of my to keep me company or edutained when I'm at my keyboard(s). And so, closed captions and subtitles are a fairly everyday make or break from my perspective when it comes to visual media. :D I'm always ever so thankful to all the people who put out subtitles for without them the internets and all their **** would be for naught.


Nice ta meetcha's as we move through this lemniscate called life!


~Twizted~ B)





~{ TwiztedZero @JeeringSpectre | Nine*Zero*Burp*Nine*Six | IRC: EFnet #addic7ed }~


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