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????? ???????????(French Classes,1978), English Or Chinese Req, Tks


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Hi,everyone. I'm a literature major from China. Now I'm required to watch this movie and say something about it.

Please take attention, for this movie was directed by ???????? ????????, who's also the author of the original story. It's not Ellen Sussman's work (no idea whether that fiction is filmed).

Thank you for reading.

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I'm guessing you're looking for "Uroki frantsuzkogo", aka "A French Lesson", which according to IMDb was indeed written by Valentin Rasputin (the author mentioned in your Baidu Encyclopedia link), but the directo was Evgeniy Tashkov.


If you wish to do some further research on your own:

- the author's name in russian is this (wiki - where you can also find his english article).

- the movie title in russian is this.

- the movie seems to be on YouTube, but it may just be an extract.

- there's also a radio broadcast of the novel, it seems, on Voice of Russia.


But that's about it. I'm afraid your chances of finding any subtitle or transcript related to this movie are thin. Unless you can find a good soul willing to do it for you...


Good luck!


PS: I would have loved to write to you in chinese but it is impossible on sub-talk (as for russian aswell).

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