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English subtitles for Ayka (2018)

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Hi everyone,

I want to request subtitles for the Russian film Ayka. It had a WEB-DL release several months ago but at the moment it there's no translation out there, so my hope is that somebody here can help.

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I'm also waiting for an English (or French or Italian) translation of this film. Thank you

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Amorphous Rasta Blob

I just added English subtitles to opensubtitles.org.

I took the Portuguese subtitles and ran them through Google translate.  With a few technical fixes, I added them to my avi and watched the movie.  They worked well; I then corrected some pronouns (e.g., "she" for "it" etc).  The grammar is a bit clunky, but I finally got to watch this awesome movie, and I want to share it.

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