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    • addic7ed activation email never arrived.
      By duk81 · Posted
      I never received an activation email. Username is the same. Thanks
    • Sliced Season 1
      By kevin · Posted Sliced's three episodes have been aired on Dave. I look forward to waiting for english subtitles for them. 
    • Mum 2019 (Season 3)
      By jvo2018 · Posted
      Hi - it has been 3 days since Season 3 of the  show Mum began to air in the UK.  I see that subs are not planned by the Addic7ed team, but I am hoping that someone might be able to post the raw subs for this excellent show with Leslie Manville.  I would be glad to try to help sync for MTB or Organic versions if that would be helpful.  Thanks very much in advance!  Jack
    • addic7ed activation email never arrived.
      By chamallow · Posted
      Hi, sorry but there is no account by that name. Send us more info via PM please.
    • The Virtues (2019)
      By chamallow · Posted
      This show will be done by us, it's thus locked for our team only.

    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      King Of Thieves - 2018 – 5/10 Another “over the hill” gang rides again.
      A quartet of aging geezers, and a young tech geek, eye the impregnable bank fortress.
      Vault for stashed wealth, legal and illegal.
      Caper film is a meandering stroll through ineptitude.
      The gents commit more mistakes than Paddington Bear, without his lucky fortune.
      Nothing really new in this, and it is frustrating to view, what proves to be, a foregone conclusion.
      Late – quite late – in the film, there is a breathtaking moment as the men march out, infirm, out of step, then scenes of their much younger, swaggering selves, parade by.  Only a moment, alas.
      Based on the recent, 2015, Hatton Garden robbery (Losses = £200 million).
    • == Café Addic7ed ==
      By emeline-whovian · Posted
      ​Tout pareil sans la madeleine pour moi (je préfère les financiers de toute façon ). Quelques éléments prévisibles dans ce final mais c'était une jolie fin. Joli clin d'œil de Young Sheldon aussi. 
    • Paradise Hotel US 2019
      By Codymts · Posted
      Hi! I'm looking for Paradise Hotel US 2019 subtitles? Thank you in advance!
    • addic7ed activation email never arrived.
      By Nanashii3 · Posted
      Hi I've created an account: nana009, but never received a confirmation mail    
    • The Virtues (2019)
      By Mamat76 · Posted
      Merci emeline-whovian, voici la version MTB :
    • The Virtues (2019)
      By emeline-whovian · Posted
      Here are the raw subs. They have basic corrections and dialogue dashes but they are not synced.
    • User doesn't exists
      By vvanasperen · Posted
      Omg. That's totally it. I believe I typed in the username wrong at some point and overided and saved the existing username. Thanks so much for your replies.