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Request of french or/and italian subtitles for "Fightworld" (2018)


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Hi everyone,

I joined here because I really (REALLY) need your help. I would be very very grateful if anyone could upload their amatorial/non-netflix original subtitle in french or in italian (or both if possible πŸ™Β ) for the series Fightworld (2018). If the entire serie is too much work I would also really love the subs just for s01e04 (Senegal: if I should fall from the grace of God).

I know it seems like an exaggeration but it would really mean the world to me if you could do that.🌟

Thanks in advance to anyone who will try.

Hope you'll have a nice day, see you soon😁

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Hi, why don't you want the netflix subs ? There's a RiFiFi video release that has full and forced French subtitles.


Got questions? Read our FAQ. Wanna support me? Check my Tipee.


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