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Call the Midwife for a hearing-impaired person


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I am a hearing-impaired person and I'd very much like to start watching the BBC TV show, Call the Midwife but it seems to be underrated that I couldn't find any English subtitles for any of the seasons. I would really love to watch this TV show because it looks to be heartwarming, like Forever and When Calls The Heart (this one also underrated, Season 2 starting soon this month) Call the Midwife is still ongoing. There is about 6 to 8 episodes in every season. I hope someone would kindly sub this TV Show for me and others like me, who do not fully understand words spoken unless she or he read them. Thank you very much :)!



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Hi, Nadisakura93

look here, please:


​God, I don't know why that didn't pop up on Google search. I really couldn't find anything! So I am seeing this right, that there is English subtitles for the entire episodes :D? Awesome! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

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