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Hi. Does anyone have the ENGLISH subs for the following episodes of Witchblade, please? Thank you.

Witchblade - S02E08 - Hierophant - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0

Witchblade - S02E09 - Veritas - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0

Witchblade - S02E10 - Parabolic - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0

Witchblade - S02E11 - Palindrome - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0

Witchblade - S02E12 - Ubique - DVDRip 960x540 DD2 0

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I doubt these exist. Have looked several times over the years, never seen them.

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Ooh...thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I have looked everywhere for those last 4 episodes. Or thought I did. I can finally watch them. You're the best. 😊

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      All the SRT files out there don't have a sub for the spoken English.  Example is at 3:12 when French is spoken but there is nothing in the sub file.
      Episodes E01-E04 are okay, don't know about 6-8
      thank you
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