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[REQ] English subs for Exit (2019, Norwegian)

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Hi fellow square-eyes, I'm looking for some English subs to a Norwegian 9-episode series called Exit from 2019.

Exit is a dark drama series based on true stories from Norway's financial scene. The series takes place inside this secret, exclusive world, where four friends from the west side of Oslo are looking for an exit from their everyday lives.

IMDB link

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Costa Dax

Hi, pixxxie!

This was a bit tricky because "exit" is a common word that can be found in the title of countless movies and series. There's even a movie called "Exit" that was released in 2019.

Nevertheless, I managed to find some subs, but not English ones though! :( I'm not sure that English subs even exist because the series hasn't been released in any English speaking country, at least not yet. According to the combined info found on Norwegian Wikipedia and IMDb, the show has only been released in Norway, Sweden, and Spain. So, only Norwegian and Swedish subs can be found for all 8 episodes of Season 1, and Spanish subs only for Episode 1.

Since the search for this show presents difficulties and since it's not a show that Addic7ed intends to do, I can give you the links.

On Subscene.com, you can find two packs, one with all the Norwegian subs and one with the Swedish subs:


On OpenSubtitles.org, you can find Norwegian and Swedish subs for all individual episodes, and Spanish ones for Episode 1. You have to select each episode individually:


The reason I'm posting these links is because there may be a very slight chance that somebody is fluent in one of those languages and is interested in translating the episodes in English.

I hope I may prove to be of help. Good luck! :)

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There are links with embedded subtitles until the 4th chapter. The remaining sections are also translated soon. By [BRSHNKV] ...

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