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Eaux turbulentes - Miniseries, 2019. - Subtitles

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Good morning.

This is a Mini Series from Canada. Could anyone have english subtitles, spanish or french subtitles, for this miniseries?

So far I havent found any.

Thanks for your help.



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Hi, @Laura

Here are the official raw Canadian French captions.

Eaux Turbulentes - 01x01.srt

Eaux Turbulentes - 01x02.srt

Eaux Turbulentes - 01x03.srt

Eaux Turbulentes - 01x04.srt

I hope that'll be of some help to you.

Canadian French is not always easy to understand, even with subtitles, for a French, so I can only assume what's it's like for an outsider.

But they do know how to make verbatim subs for their programs, unlike the French. You can't have it all!

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Indeed, @kinglouisxx, but this helps.

When theres nothing, I prefer to struggle with the french subs. Thank you. People in this forum always help me with french subtitles, so rare to  find.




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