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What We Do In The Shadows | Comic-Con@Home 2020


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Hello! :)

I have a subtitles request.

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con panels have been available on YouTube through their official channel. It doesn’t look like they’re gonna put subtitles. 

The specific panel I’m requesting is "What We Do In The Shadows | Comic-Con@Home 2020". I’m not sure if links are allowed, but the video is found under the name on the channel mentioned above.

I was wondering if maybe the Addic7ed team would be so kind as to provide them? It’d be really cool. 

Thank you for reading me. :)

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Hi, I pulled the youtube subtitles from downsub.  Often the quality is not great and the sync is not always good, so there's some work to do after... but it's better than nothing.

Glad I could help. ?

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Oh, those are the auto-generated ones? I noticed them, but didn't even try because they're usually so out of whack haha!

You're right, it's better than nothing. Thank you! :)

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