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Just because you "want" something doesn't mean that you can skip the basic politeness rules. Saying "Hi/Hello", with sentences and "I would like" (not "I want" or worse, no verb, and only the title you are looking for) and "Thank you" are the basic rules if you want your request to be fulfilled.


Generally speaking, it is not necessary to request subs for episodes that Addic7ed is regularly providing for current TV shows; quality subtitles are usually available within a few hours at most - it's what Addic7ed does best. 

In particular, do not request subtitles for shows or episodes that are less than 3 (three) days old.

Providing or asking for information on how to illegally obtain or provide any material, including software is forbidden. 
Similarly, requesting or posting serials, CD keys, passwords or cracks is forbidden.

Advertising any commercial product or service, in posts or signatures, is not permitted.
Users that will not follow the rule from above, will be banned.

Posting a thread in more than one forum is annoying and thus not allowed.
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    • Zapped (2016)
      By Infidel · Posted
      ​Here's episode 2. Episode 3 in due course.
    • Man in a Suitcase (1967-1968) S01 - English subs
      By fusedy · Posted
      The show is currently available via Amazon Prime US subscription. The raw versions are fine. I can explain how to get them if needed.
    • Home (TV Series)
      By rjohnston58 · Posted
      RAW SUBS > Home
    • Fix for Addic7ed's broken search
      By Marmosin · Posted
      Indeed it works like a charm. Thanks a lot!  
    • Fix for Addic7ed's broken search
      By T0 · Posted
      Thanks for the info, but it was not working, unless the parameter are changed to: Example URL: Include pattern:* Redirect to:$1 I've been using the search plugin for Firefox but it's not working anymore and cannot even be found in the mozilla store: Fortunately, after a lot of research to find how to fix that, i've found this page where are uploaded and stored custom search engines, and the third one (from 2019, by Daltux) is working like a charm !  
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      La Storia Vera Della Signora Dalle Camelie - 1981 - 6/10
      AKA - Lady Of The Camellias Sumptuous dramatization of Alphonsine Plessis.
      Her rise from impoverished beggar, to seamstress, prostitute, courtesan.
      Difference between the latter two seems money.  Clientele.  Rich clientele.
      Story rollicks along quick march, touching the bases of a shallow life.
      Glossy trash.
      Based on Marie Duplessis who was likely the Kim Kardashian of her era, and about as interesting.
    • Hi everybody
      By chamallow · Posted

    • Raw CCs: QI
      By DrWho42 · Posted
      i love QI ! thanks for the srt files
    • Hi everybody
      By DrWho42 · Posted
      welcome to the forum!
    • What are you listening to right now?
      By DrWho42 · Posted
      "baltimore" (2011) - tennis
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Color Out Of Space - 2019 - 5/10 “Hey, J J, listen to this!  Nicolas Cage doing a Lovecraft movie!”
      –  Lovecraft.  As in romance?  Or Kama Sutra bouncing?
      “A space rock strikes a farm in the backwoods!  Then bizarre things start spreading out.”
      – Oh, a remake of that “Annihilation” movie?
      “No one believes the farmer, meanwhile colored lights turn everything weird.”
      – Like in “Annihilation”?  Only with crafty love sex, right?  Like “Lifeforce”?  Whoa!  Loved that one!  None of those tentacles and testicles though.
      “Who needs sex when we got Cage!  Who’s gonna go full-bore Nick Cage wacko in the last act.”
      – What he does.  Any partnership funding?  Help defray costs?
      “Yeah!  Llama Owners Worldwide are kicking in $500 and fresh milk so long as we include llamas in the story.”
      – OK, what’s another million, more or less.  Who’s the target audience?
      “Need you ask?”
    • English subs - season 3 Bordertown
      By fluxgame · Posted
      I pulled the Finnish SRTs out of the video files and started running them through Google Translate, but the result isn't great. If someone is willing to do a proper translation, I can send the SRTs over. Or, if there's no better option, I'll finish the season and share them.