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Hi there,


A bad thing happened, an entity named BREIN is at work trying to get the image out that subtitling is an illegal activity. Multiple sites were sent cease and desist orders and settled out of court and disappeared.

Thesubbay was created to resist this trend, and it's core values are freedom and liberty. Look at http://thesubbay.com to get a glimpse.

Now for my introduction:

I'm working to get thesubbay up and running, and could use your help!

What is the best way to get some content on the site? I guess ripping all of Addic7ed is a bad idea...

Is there an api to query?  Or can I create a cache?


I will also make sure to get some original works on the site, and we can share those as well.


All in all, the site is functional. Good


Thank you for your attention,

Regards, wuggy

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This is not new stuff.
We dealt with this in the past and did just fine. How will you fight for freedom?
What's your experience in this field?
What is the point of making yet another website that stores (without actually making) subtitles?
We have opensubtitles, tvsubtitles, subscene etc.
Opensubtitles is the biggest subtitle database ever.
You want to make your own website with nothing but duplicates? Use the OS API.

You want to really help the scene? Create!

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Changing the world. One subtitle at a time.

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We try to work on the site every week, we are for example still working on multi-upload, and we're thinking of crowd-sourcing translations (one line at a time)

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