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Request about French Subtitles

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Hi everyone 

I am looking desperately for several TV shows subtitles in french, perhaps you could help me find them ? I don't find subtitles for David Makes ManUprightLodge 49 (Season 2), Cherish The DayBack To Life, Year of the Rabbit, A Christmas Carol.

If anyone knows where to find them, or wants to subtitle them, you would make me a happy man.


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Couldn't find any either, except for some versions of A Christmas Carol.

There are quite a few adaptations of Dickens' novella, so you might want to clarify which one you're looking for. They're usually translated as Un Conte de Noël, Un Chant de Noël or Le Drôle de Noël de Scrooge in French.

I'm interested in doing Year of the Rabbit, I like spoof series and the Victorian era. 

For the Frenchies out there: is it just me or does Matt Berry look like a young Didier Bourdon in this series? :D



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For the Frenchies out there: is it just me or does Matt Berry look like a young Didier Bourdon in this series? :D

​There's a little something, definitely :D

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