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    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Belle Épine - 2010 - 5/10
      AKA - Dear Prudence After being arrested for separate shoplifting, two teenage girls form a tenuous relationship.
      Unlike what some reviews indicate, they do not “bond.”
      One is bourgeois, has superior prospects, yet is adrift following the death of a parent.
      The other is harder to pinpoint, save she of rougher cloth, with more limited means.
      Both are drawn to an underground scene of midnight motorbike racing, and death.
      None of these lost souls are portrayed well, nor are they particularly interesting.
      Nor is the film, for that matter.
      Premarital sex, midnight motorbikes, cigarettes.  These teen tropes were done in the 50s, likely before that.
      Here, set in 2010, they are old fashioned and implausible.
    • == Aide à la traduction sur forum ==
      By balzane · Posted
      Les galipettes, c'est ma génération qui a vu en direct l'homme marcher sur la Lune, c'est dire... Je suis fasciné, en sous-titrant des séries, par la richesse du vocabulaire et de l'argot américain pour parler de sexe ce qui rend leurs blagues à double sens souvent intraduisibles. Merci à Urban dictionnary de m'aider à déchiffrer ! Dans le genre, si je puis dire, dans "The Detour", je viens de découvrir le pronom non-genré "ze" qui s'utilise pour parler de il ou elle ou les 2 à la fois ou aucun des deux ! C'est comme une sorte d'écriture inclusive qui dépasse le simple masculin/féminin.  
    • Florida Girls - [USA] - [Pop TV]
      By chamallow · Posted
    • Recruitment! Syncers only, NOT translators!
      By Sherlocked · Posted
      Hi I'm interested and I have a pretty good knowledge of the English language, I'd like to have more infos. Thanks
    • == Aide à la traduction sur forum ==
      By anissaka · Posted
      ​Moi aussi !  
    • Hamilton's Pharmacopeia S01&S02
      By AKp0wer · Posted
      Thanks dude! Great help.
    • Hamilton's Pharmacopeia S01&S02
      By Benaddicted · Posted
      Hi! Youtube has embeded subtitles in 5 languages on the official channel of this show (Vice) for the first season. Or there are web-dl releases with subtitles. I can't share the links on the forum, but look for s01-720p-web-dl-aac2-0-h264-coo7 and s02-720p-vice-web-dl-aac2-0-x264-boop.
    • == Aide à la traduction sur forum ==
      By Benaddicted · Posted
      La génération Z dit "ken" (comme le verlan du très classe "niquer", pas comme le copain de Barbie). Mais du coup c'est les vieillards qui risquent de ne pas piger.
    • == Aide à la traduction sur forum ==
      By Apocalypse25 · Posted
      Vieille expression (ou expression de vieux) mais elle me fait rire à chaque fois.
    • == Aide à la traduction sur forum ==
      By Scarlaty · Posted
      Même les galipettes, ça ne doit pas parler à des ados.  Mais faute de mieux... Je suis trop vieille pour savoir comment ils disent, ça dépend qui regarde cette série. Il nous faudrait un dico ado/adulte parfois. 
    • Hamilton's Pharmacopeia S01&S02
      By AKp0wer · Posted
      I've looked everywhere, without luck. Here is the IMDB page: Could anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!
    • Florida Girls - [USA] - [Pop TV]
      By Tesla71 · Posted
      Hello! I would like to request this show's subs. The first 2 eps. are out. Pop TV's new foray into original programming is as delicious as shotgunning an ice cold 40 in the deli parking lot with your friends on a hot summer day. A loving ode to friendship set in the Sunshine State, Florida Girls takes four high school dropouts stuck in (the double-wide trailer side of) Clearwater and sets them on a path where they're forced to think about their futures. Created by The Mick alum Laura Chinn who draws on her own experiences growing up saturated in peak Florida Man energy, Florida Girls is shaping up to be one of summer's most enthralling shows.