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To all Amazing Race fans

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Hello everybody!

I'm looking for Amazing Race fans to help me syncing the old episodes. I was able to take the subtitles on a website, but the timing is completely different from the releases we find on the internet. I just finished Season 7, and it was a quite simple task, but it's going to be hard for me to do this all by myself, mostly because i don't have much time for this and i need to help my Brazilian team to translate the show. I also finished the last 4 episodes from season 26, which was even easier, i just set the initial time and the timing fit almost all the episode, only the last blocks recquired me to set a new initial time for them.

By the way, the transcription is perfect and complete, so this will not be a problem, it's only necessary to sync the lines block by block (between the commercial breaks, when they normally show a black screen).

I can help anyone that's willing to be a part of this and help out TAR fans all over the world to watch the seasons and also allow other fans to translate the show into their on language.

Hope i can count on you guys

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