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Hi Everybody !


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Hello everybody, 


I'm DaMonk I decided to join mostly because bad subtitles pisses me off, and instead of doing nothing I prefer to help ! So what can I say about me ? I'm a boy, live in Bordeaux, france. spent a lot of time out of the country mostly because of my dad's job. I'm half spanish but i speak gallego so I won't be helpful to work on spanish subtitles. I studied at University of westminster in London, and now i'm learning german and sign language. 


Despite that I love TV shows and movies, I can't say which movie is my favorite but I definitely have a top 5 TV shows: 


1. The Wire

2. the Sopranos

3. Oz 

4. Workaholics

5. Black Books


more recently I really enjoyed Dexter, Suits, Fringe (and I am really sad now), Sherlock, Utopia (huge fan of british TV shows).


I don't know what to say now, just I will try to do my best to help. 


cheers !

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