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Hi Guys,

To help Gujarati community, I am taking this project to translate subtitles of popular TV shows in Gujarati. Help and support will be appreciated.

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    • Brighty
      By Brighty
      HI guys,
      I've tried many sets of subs for this series, and as many subs websites as I know, but I never found a file with the Native American dialogue translated. I've put in a lot of time but drawn a blank.
      I've watched up to Ep.6 in the second series, so I guess I'm enjoying it, but enjoyment would certainly be better if I knew the other half of the story!
      Anyone have any leads as to where they're to be found on the web?
    • DamCx
      By DamCx
      Hey Everyone,
      I'm Damien, 36 years old, I work in IT.
      I'm here because I once was part of this community of sub teams, and as I have some free time, I would love to be part of it again.
      I've worked on the early seasons of the Cold Case tv show, with the Philly team, and I also translated for the Caprica tv show (too bad this one was cancelled).
      So, if any team needs some help, feel free to contact me.
    • taytoy
      By taytoy
      [UDPATE: 2016.01.09, for version 1.2.1]
      If you are an avid online translator on Addic7ed, you should install this extension—used by Addic7ed French users for more than a year now—to your web browser.

      An add-on for Addic7ed translators developed by @HitOrRun and @accent
      Two Addic7ed French users
      DOWNLOAD (version 1.2.1)
       Version 1.2.1 — 2016.01.09 release, Firefox 43 and up compatible
      ​ :  A7++_1.2.1_CHROME.crx — Double-click on the file, that's it. Or click  in Chrome, select Settings then Extensions, drag and drop the file in that window.  :  A7++_1.2.1_FIREFOX.xpi — Click here to install: +Add to Firefox  :  A7++_1.2.1_SAFARI.safariextz — Double-click on the file, it will be installed automatically. For Chrome on Windows:
        :   A7++_1.2.1_CHROME_Windows.zip — Unzip the file, it will create a folder. Click  in  Chrome, select  Settings  then  Extensions, drag and drop the folder in that Extensions window.  
      If any bug are, found, please post in this topic. Provide your OS version (i.e.: Windows 7 Family Edition Premium 32 bit, Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon 32 bits), your web browser version (i.e.: Firefox 32.0.3, Google Chrome 37.0.2062.124) and detailed information of the issue you encounter. Other media is welcomed (screenshot, video, etc.).
      Installed into your web browser, the A7++ extension integrates into View & Edit mode (unfortunately not in Join Translation) with additional functionality in the interface, allowing you to easily correct errors whilst translating online on Addic7ed, making it a better way to create quality subtitles. While Join Translation mode disappears once 100% has been completed (meaning that each line box has been filed, regardless of the quality of the translation), View & Edit mode allows users to correct the translation at any time.  View & Edit can be found just under the Download button and next to Join Translation (if still available):

      One of the biggest functionality of A7++ extension is the integration of the RSR (Reading Speed Rating) that shows you for each line box if your subtitle will have enough time to be read on screen. If the subtitle is too fast, the audience will have to pause the video to read your subtitle, if it's too long, the audience will reread the said subtitle, both behaviours will result in a poor experience for the audience. You will have to change your translation, generally by shortening your sentences (something that too many users are afraid to do). The RSR is crucial for the creation of quality subtitles among professionals.
      With the following color chart, A7++ shows you in real time if your sentence is too long or too short according to the sequence timing:
      What we want to avoid is the two last colors, orange and red (Fast, acceptable and Too Fast!). The audience won't have enough time to read your subtitles. What is sometimes hard to avoid is the two first colors, purple and blue (Too slow! and Slow, acceptable), due to the fact that a line must not only be delivered on time, but should last until the character has finished their sentence. The two colors turquoise and yellow (A bit slow and A bit fast) can be acceptable but should be used sparingly. A good subtitle is when most lines are to be found under the three green colors (Good, Perfect, Good). Of course, trying to stick to those rules can be difficult because subtitles translated on Addic7ed rely on the English sync, which is not always optimal. Each language should have its own sync.
      Naturally, subtitle reading speed varies between different languages, but those variations are minor for Romance (Latin) and Germanic languages (English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Afrikaans, etc.). As such, A7++ extension is thus acceptable for those languages. It could also be used as a base for Slavic languages but is not advised for any other languages (Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, etc.)
      And last but not least, you still have to follow the general rule of having no more than 40-43 characters per line, and no more than two lines per sequence, a rule also visually integrated in A7++!
      General view of a View & Edit page with A7++

      Reading Speed Rating (RSR) and character counter:
      This is how your sequences look like in View & Edit without A7++:

      And this is how it now looks with A7++:

      Under the Times column, you can now see the RSR color chart, and to the left of the translated text column, you can see a character counter for each line.
      Also, don't forget that in View & Edit mode, you can always show the original language by clicking on "Secondary language", an option that is enabled by default in A7++!
      Line box:
      ​If you open a line box by clicking on it, you will see this:

      On the Times column, you now have the RSR with wording (here, "Good.") along with the duration in seconds of this sync (here, "1.666 seconds"). ​When editing a line, the RSR behaves accordingly in real time. The line box adapts its size to its content, no need to expand the box manually anymore. ​ Bold and  italic buttons. If you select a section of a line, it will only be applied to that section, if not, the whole sequence will be changed when pressed. , this button deletes any tags found within a sequence (bold, italic, etc.).  allows you to revert the changes you made to its original text.  allows you to close the box you opened without saving any changes. , allows you to save your changes. If no changes were made in a sequence, the system won't reattribute that sequence to you, very practical when in multi edit/multi save mode. Each line of translation has its own character counter on its left. Its color changes according to the number of characters (green = within limit of character number, orange = threshold, red = beyond limit of character number). It doesn't count tags like <...> and {...}  Last but not least, you can copy-paste timings from VSS, the period will automatically be replaced by a coma.  
      If you click on the Times box, you will see this:

      At the bottom, you have the RSR with wording (here, "Good."). On the middle right, the duration in seconds of this sequence (here, "1.666 seconds"). , a restore button that allows you to revert the changes you made to its original timing. , allows you to close the box you opened without saving any changes. Warning about duration changes:
      As a general rule, changing the sync line by line is not advise for users not familiar with subtitle syncing. Users should change the duration only as a last resort. They must first try to shorten their translation. Unless there's a mistake in the original sync, never change the start time. It should always be in sync with the spoken line. Extending the end time can be done as long as it doesn't overlap with the next line or if on screen, it doesn't overlap with another scene. An end time should never be shorter than the duration of the audio.  
      In Join Translation mode, users can communicate via a chatbox just below the translation panel. Once Join Translation disappeared, it was impossible to read what has been said among users. It is now resolved with A7++, the Join Translation chatbox also appears in View & Edit. Not only you can simultaneously chat between Join Translation users and View & Edit users, but you can still chat once Join Translation mode is gone:

      The chatbox is automatically refreshed every 30 seconds. You can manually refresh the chatbox by clicking on the refresh button  . Whenever there's a new comment, a floating box will appear at the top telling you how many new comments have been made. Clicking on that box will send you to the bottom of the chatbox. You can also click on the red cross to discard this box.  
      PREVIEW OF A7++
      (Click to enlarge)


      Version 1.0.0 - realease date: 2014.04.09(Click to reveal/hide) Version 1.0.1 - release date: 2014.04.11(Click to reveal/hide) Version 1.1.3 - release date: 2014.12.22(Click to reveal/hide) Version 1.1.4 - release date: 2015.02.21(Click to reveal/hide) Version 1.2.0 - release date: 2015.03.05(Click to reveal/hide) Version 1.2.1 - release date: 2016.01.09(Click to reveal/hide) [FIXED] Displaying subtitles from a specific sequence number has been resolved. [FIXED] This new extension has been signed and works with Firefox 43 and up. [KNOWN ISSUE] Secondary language might not be automatically displayed  
      Some of you might already know those rules, but a reminder never hurt.
      Before translating, please understand the difference between a HI and a non HI subtitle.
      Remember that the purpose of a subtitle is not to deliver a literal translation of the original version. The audience, with the help of the sound, the acting, the images, can understand the nuances of a dialogue. A bad subtitle is when the audience is riveted to the text. In short, be short.
      For non HI translation:
      Interjections such as "oh, ah, eh, uh, ugh, ha, ho, ew, ouch, wow, hm, hm-mm, ha, boom, psht, phew, etc." are not to be translated. People can hear them. Repetition should not be emphasized. A sentence such as "No, no, no, no, no!" can be translated as little with only two nos: "No, no!"  Basic English words such as "OK, yes, yeah, no, hi, hello" can also be discarded. They are universal in most countries. Names of character can be discarded after one or two appearances at the beginning of an episode, and when they are clearly understandable by ear. For HI and non HI translation:
      Phatic expressions such as "I mean, so, just, like, well, now, yeah, but, I think, you know, you see, and, alright, right, etc."can also be discarded, especially when they are at the beginning of a sentence, "Yeah, but what do you want?" becomes"What do you want?" Hesitation, unless meaningful, are to be discarded: "I--I think I just have to do it" becomes "I think I just have to do it" or as demonstrated in the previous point: "I have to do it." ​
      You have to be able to deliver accurate translation without being literal, being able to rephrase a meaning is important:
      Example 1:
      - I mean, you know, it's just that, hum, I--I love you.
      can become:
      - But I love you.
      Example 2:
      Let's say we need to shorten this translation :
      - Let me remind you that the body has been found near Bayside's marina.
      The first step would be to do this:
      - We found the body near Bayside's marina.
      If the audience already know that they're talking about a body, it can become:
      - We found it near Bayside's marina.
      Now, if we still need to shorten the sentence, we need to proceed to a loss of information. The question would be which information is needed to remain comprehensible? The fact that the body has been found near the water (marina)? Or the fact that it was near Bayside? Of course, it will depend on the context. In the end, it could become:
      - We found it near the marina
      - We found it at Bayside.
      Good luck!
    • BlackQ
      By BlackQ
      Situation goes as follows: somebody posted a subtitle of a certain transcript, translated in your language. Knowing both languages (original, let's say - English, as well as your own) somewhat better than the first translator, you spy a number of mistakes in said translation. Than you go back to the main page of the episode/film in question, and there you have a "view and edit" option. You click on it and the translation opens. Yey!
      Basically, I noticed that you can click inside of every line and make the correction in text, click save and voila! - you've done it! Correction as such is still attributed to The First One (which doesn't bother me, but it might bother the guy/girl who wrote it as such), and onwards we go!
      By now, you also notice that there are some unnecessary lines (as we all know - a subtitle is not the same thing as a transcript), like somebody shouting "Come on!" (whatever, really) ten times in ten separate lines.
      So, how do you proceed if you want to merge those ten lines into, let's say, two? I've, "cunningly" tried changing timings which only resulted in doubling the lines - leaving the original and my "correction" in the subtitle. Gees, I guess that will work well with players and such!
      Also, what are MultiEdit and MultiSave for?
      Is there a manual? Is there a Help? How to undo once saved (or worse - multisaved) intervention you made?
      As I noticed, even once corrected text, cannot be re-corrected. Stays blocked. Please, help... I really, really didn't want to make things worse.
      So, to sum it all, how do I correct what needs to be corrected without making the original translation unusable? Or even, undo all the changes I've made and (if properly tutored ;)) - start over?
    • EchoStalia
      By EchoStalia
      Hello everyone. I'm registred on addic7ed since at least two months but i can't join any translation. It's leading me to a white page with url: addic7ed.com/translate.php ! How can i join a translation? 
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