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      By Vultural · Posted
      Victorian Slum - 2016 - 6/10 Not what I anticipated.
      I expected a documentary, but this is of modern families reliving Victorian poverty in the slum.
      Decade each:  1860 - 1870 - 1880 - 1890 - 1900.
      Some are tradesmen, others grocers, bottom rung is unskilled.
      Food is what would be available, work is manual, restrictions and limitations.
      Apparently participants lived in the accommodations for three weeks, so this may be more “authentic.”
      Last episode - 1900 - is the eye-opener, relevant to today.
      Increased global competition (from Germany and US) means more goods for the poor, but fewer jobs.
      Worrisome if you believe history runs in cycles.
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Bedelia - 1946 - 6/10 Based on Vera Caspary novel of honeymoon couple in Monte Carlo.
      She is rich, he is not.  1st marriage for him, 2nd for her.
      A wandering painter wants to do her portrait, she refuses.
      Just as she adamantly stops any photographs being taken of her.
      Sluggish tale of the past trailing after the shady soul.
      Caspary also wrote Laura and was always angry that Preminger reduced the title heroine to an empty nothing.
      Bedelia is more conniving and multi-layered, but the pace oozes along.
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Somm:  Into The Bottle - 2015 - 6/10 Winesnobs, score higher.  Everyone else, prepare to stroll. Checklist to see if you qualify.  (The correct answer is “A” every time.)
      1)  Preferred evening drink:  A - alcohol, B - soft drinks, C - dairy,  D - water,  E - nothing.
      2)  What sort of alcohol:  A - wine,  B - beer,  C - cocktail.
      3)  Wine with:  A - dinner,  B - crackers n cheese.
      4)  Favorite place to dine:  A - away from home,  B - home.
      5)  Restaurant wine list is:  A - at least 10 pages long,  B - house red or house white.
      6)  How much will you spend on bottle:  A - $100 or more,  B - $99 or less,  C - are you crazy? Wine documentary divided fairly equally between vintners (growers, bottlers) and sommeliers.
      Vinters matter-of-fact about what they grow, challenges, how the wine ought to taste.
      The sommeliers are selling a story, though.  They want you to spend for that $350 bottle.
      “Because it is so special - - just like you.”  Sure ...
      Mention given to Mondavi and Parker, both of whom I regard as bad influences - I enjoyed, albeit bemused.  My bride and I, while hardly connoisseurs, are “steady” drinkers, meaning 4-5 bottles per week.
      But triple digit bottles?  C - are you crazy?  I could buy several cases for that price.
    • La Vie des Séries, la chronique.
      By emeline-whovian · Posted
      ​J'aime beaucoup, c'est attachant, drôle et rigolo. Voilà, je conseille.  
    • La Vie des Séries, la chronique.
      By Traditore · Posted
      ​Pourvu qu'ils aient pas porté la robe au pressing  
    • Request- Escape to the Chateau Season 2
      By explosiveskull · Posted
      Hi, jreynolds. Here are the raw subs for the second season. Hope you enjoy it!
    • La Vie des Séries, la chronique.
      By Hymeros · Posted
      Le front US est très calme depuis quelque jours. NBC This Is Us renewed for 2 more seasons . Amazon Sneaky Pete renewed for Season 2. FX Après OJ.Simpson , Katrina et Versace , American Crime Story 4 serait consacré à Monica Lewinsky . Un scénario est d'ores et déjà commandé. Si le projet va au bout, il devrait être sur les écrans courant 2019. Netflix
      Season 5 of House of Cards is premiering on May 30 .
    • Urban Myths
      By annemarie64 · Posted
      Hi, does anyone have subtitles for Urban Myths? Thanks!
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      Under The Shadow - 2016 - 6/10 Offbeat, and off the beaten track ghost story from Iran.
      Near 1988, the end of the Iran - Iraq War, a bombed out roof allows a djinn to enter an apartment.
      Or is does it ride in with the haunted orphan boy from Abadan?
      Unclear, in a good way.  Items go missing and an unease descends.
      Soon enough, inhabitants divide between believers and scoffers.
      As bombings intensify, those who believe in spirits do the proper thing - they run.
      Leaving behind, a mother and daughter.
      Usually I would never watch any US film with the “kid in peril” device as they are 98% predictable.
      This, being an Iranian production, will upset predictions.
      Good spook story. Note - I downed several subs and was happy with none.  Typos, odd timestamps, no caps for names.
      I tweaked a set and uploaded if you need -
    • Recommend a movie
      By Vultural · Posted
      A Town Called Panic - 2009 - 7/10 Man, I rolled my eyes when someone chose this kiddie film.
      Slap me wrong, this was entertaining fun.
      Monty Python-esque animations, subtitled Belgium cursing, adventures ranging from under the sea, to the center of the earth, and music class romance. How Horse puts up with Indian and Cowboy is beyond me.
    • Whats up with the logo?
      By alex28 · Posted
      I`m glad you like the idea behind the logo. We made the House logo back in 2009~, I guess.  We've been using the new logo internally for quite a while. "Fix the website first"? You got that right! Even if behind the scenes we've been handling server related problems and improvements, we kinda ("kinda") left out the user experience. Bad? Yeap. See the logo as a first step into improving the frontend. I know I am :-)   Shoutout to Taytoy, detailed reply, as usual :-)   P.S.  deglinglau , I got bad news for you :(
    • Request- Escape to the Chateau Season 2
      By jreynolds · Posted
      A second season of this 3-part series has come out.  Some of you were kind enough to post the first season in the Forum - would there be any chance of finding the subs for the second season?  I have searched the sites that I know of without success.  Thanks very much!