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    • Moving subtitle to correct episode?
      By Galane · Posted
      Nevermind. I deleted those four and re-uploaded with notes about the order difference.
    • Moving subtitle to correct episode?
      By Galane · Posted
      I didn't notice that SyFy had screwed around with the broadcast order of both seasons of Metal Hurlant Chronicles. So the DVD OCR'ed subs I just uploaded need some re-arranging on season one. The subs for episodes 3 and 4, and 5 and 6 need swapped. I checked against the HD SyFy broadcasts and yup, the sync is wayyyy off from the DVD versions.
    • Metal Hurlant Chronicles Season one.
      By Galane · Posted
      DVD OCR rips of subs for all 12 episodes from the Region 1 Uncut 2-Disc set are uploaded. Note that the DVD order and SyFy broadcast order for Season 2 are different. If you want to adjust sync etc for SyFy or other edited broadcast version Season 1 episodes 3 through 6, please make new versions instead of editing the DVD rip files. Thank you. Keep up the good work!
    • Hello there.
      By Galane · Posted
      ​I just uploaded OCR'ed English sub rips from the Region 1 Uncut 2-Disc DVD set of this series. The first two and the second two episodes on Disc 2 are flipped in order from the order they were broadcast by SyFy, so I noted that in the descriptions. Software used was DVD Subtitle Extractor by Christopher R Meadowcroft
      Of course to fit these to the edited SyFy broadcasts they'll likely need synching, so make new versions for season 1 instead of editing these uploads to fit. Keep up the good work with this site, have fun!
    • Request english subtitles: Absentia S01Complete in Russia.
      By kinglouisxx · Posted
      Maybe this wasn't clear enough?  It works for all episodes, not only episode 2! And...
    • A Place to Call Home season 5
      By Jaycool · Posted
      Thanks kinglouisxx.  I will look forward to these and I'm sure I'll enjoy them as much as your other sub titles.
    • Request english subtitles: Absentia S01Complete in Russia.
      By anonymus1024 · Posted
      Hello every body, A small message for people interesting in Absentia S01. The whole Saison 01 is available in Russia here: [MODERATION EDIT] Looking forward subtitles in English, Best
    • Currently viewing - Recently viewed.
      By Vultural · Posted
      Les Témoins - 2015 - 7/10
      AKA - Witnesses Absorbing French thriller of unearthed corpses, a serial killer, and a wolf.
      Parties unknown break into model homes and arrange corpses as family units.
      Most of the deceased were freshly dug, a few freshly slain.
      Those draw police involvement.
      One cop in particular, a famous investigator, comes out of retirement as clues are meant for him.
      Not as dark as Scandinavian Noir, but full of surprises and bracing coastal scenery.
      Despite a couple of bungles in the final episode, a shrewd interlocking puzzler.
    • REQUEST: Rodney (2004) S01-S02 English Subtitles!
      By kinglouisxx · Posted
      ​And here's season 2 (well, minus episode 11)   Rodney - Season 2.rar
    • [NEW] Addic7ed Suggestions Thread
      By emeline-whovian · Posted
      Well, not always. Almost all Dutch translations are uploaded as a separate file (not translated online from subs provided by the team), so are nowadays a lot of French subs. And in more rare cases, English subtitles can be translations too (Bron/Broen, Missions, etc). But maybe that's not what BorisVictor meant, I'm not really in favor of a system like that anyway.
    • REQUEST: Recess(1997-2001) English
      By SMerlock · Posted
      Hello, I am searching  English subtitles for the TV series " Recess(1997-2001) " which was one of my favorites during my childhood. There are 6 seasons  with a total of 127 episodes each around 10 minutes  long as far I know. Recess link to IMDB I've been desperately searching since days, but to no avail.   I hope I can get them from here sooner or later, so please help me !   Thanks in advance! Regards
    • [NEW] Addic7ed Suggestions Thread
      By chamallow · Posted
      But translations are linked to the original subtitles in our system, so it wouldn't be viable