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    • Cold Feet Series 8
      By rjohnston58 · Posted
      Hope this helps!
    • El embarcadero / The pier
      By Codymts · Posted
      I have found raw spanish subtitles!
    • El embarcadero / The pier translating from spanish
      By Codymts · Posted
      Hi! Is there anyone who is willing to translate raw spanish subtitles for this serie to english?  
    • The Worst Witch (2017)
      By kinglouisxx · Posted
      That show is not on our schedue, so you can work on them and upload them on Addic7ed afterwards if you wish. The only tags I see are the color tags (e.g.: <font color="lime">), but I don't see any <c:#e> (which is also used for color tags). But I suppose it could just be displayed differently due to a different version of the software. They should be pretty quick to remove using "search & replace".
    • Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Season 1
      By megaguy · Posted
      Is there any for the other seasons as well?
    • El embarcadero / The pier
      By Codymts · Posted
      Hi! Is ther any chance to find and rip subtitles in english for El embarcadero / The pier, new series from creator of Money Heist? Or maybe subtiles in spanish? Thnak you in advance!
    • The Worst Witch (2017)
      By CuF · Posted
      Gotcha.  While I haven't run a spell check, Subtitle Workshop tells me there are no instances of lines over 40 characters, or more than two lines.  Barring some errors, capitalization looks to be correct as well already. I suppose there could be 3 speakers on two lines, and I'd have to check that. Also I see some strange tags that would need to be deleted.  (What is <c:#e>?). It should take minimal work to get these up to snuff.  If you don't plan on it, I'll put some time in when I get a chance.
    • Cold Feet Series 8
      By rafaspringer · Posted
      Any chance of an update re this post ?   Thanks
    • MythBusters Jr
      By kinglouisxx · Posted
      Hi, @V70 . Here are the raw subs:   MythBusters Jr - 01x02 - Dynamite Air   MythBusters Jr - 01x03 - Battery
    • The Worst Witch (2017)
      By kinglouisxx · Posted
      ​As said in the FAQ: BBC's raw captions hardly ever meet these requirements. So they'd at least need a little work to be worth uploading, even as "non-corrected" ones.
    • == Aide à la traduction sur forum ==
      By Apocalypse25 · Posted
      Faut-il préciser que les 3 gamins de plus de 50 ans sont de retour sur Amazon ?
      The Grand Tour, saison 3 !
    • MythBusters Jr
      By V70 · Posted
      Hi,  MythBusters Jr by W4F had subtitles for episode 1. However, episode 2 and 3 have been released but can't obtain subtitles. Any chance someone can grab the web version of english HI (or normal) subs? Thanks